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Your Tankless Water Heater Maintenance Guide In Spring

There is a myth that you only schedule a tankless water heater maintenance once a year. The truth is, you shouldn’t rely on this. HVAC experts say that the frequency of heater checkup and maintenance is contingent on the hardness of the water in your area.

Why Repair Your Tankless Water Heater in Spring?

Many people may ask why it is better to schedule the maintenance in spring. During winter, you’ll be using your water heater regularly. In the summer, most homes schedule their heater maintenance. Whereas in spring, the maintenance providers are not yet too busy. The market is still quiet, so getting a maintenance appointment is easier.

Scheduling maintenance in spring gets the water heater ready for the days and months when you need hot water the most.

Spring Maintenance Guide for Your Tankless Water Heater

You should not be surprised that even a tankless water heater installation needs maintenance regularly since it is prone to lime buildup. Some units give you a warning when it needs maintenance, but it is better to schedule it in spring, as stated above.

Maintaining your tankless water heater may require the services of a qualified technician, but you can also do some minor maintenance work yourself.

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Flush Your Tankless Water Heater

Your Tankless Water Heater Maintenance Guide In SpringFlushing the heater is somewhat complicated. You need three short lengths of garden hose (or the hoses supplied by the manufacturer), and a 2.5-gallon bucket filled with white vinegar.

  1. Turn off the power (gas or electric) and the cold water supply. Next, shut off the hot water valve that delivers the hot water from the tankless heater to the house.
  2. Remove the valve caps slowly to relieve the pressure.
  3. Attach one hose to the primary or sum pump outlet, one on the cold-water isolation valve, and the last one on the hot water isolation valve. Put the ends of all the hoses into the vinegar-filled bucket.
  4. Open the two isolation valves. Turn on the sump pump and allow the vinegar to circulate through the heater for at least 45 minutes before throwing out the vinegar. Replace the vinegar with fresh water and let it run through the system for another five minutes.
  5. After the flushing process, close the purge port valves and disconnect all the hosing lines.
  6. Replace the valve caps and tighten any loose screws and levers on your unit.

Clean the Tankless Water Heater’s Air Intake Filter

Your Tankless Water Heater Maintenance Guide In SpringWhile you are flushing the heater, open the faceplate of the unit, and remove the air filter. Wash it in clean water and use paper towels to dry the filter before putting it back.

Close the faceplate and tighten the screws.

Test Your Tankless Water Heater

Ensure that you restore all the water connections on your tankless water heater. Turn it on and slowly open your hot water tap to release any trapped air in the waterline. Check for leaks as well.

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Refer to the tankless water heater manual for maintenance guide and identification of the parts. For some homeowners, this can be puzzling and overwhelming but don’t worry, it’s understandable. You can likewise contact a licensed technician to maintain your water heater.

Need more help with tankless water heater maintenance? Get in touch with a plumbing pro now!

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