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Window Ac Installation

It’s a great idea to buy a window air conditioning unit to supply your room or apartment with the cooling power you need in hot summer months. You can even install it yourself! But there’s a right way to DIY this home project. So, before you get started, read this easy guide to window AC installation.

The Installation Process

Window Ac Attached On The Wall

To start the installation process, select a window that’s close to an outlet. A majority of window ACs come with a 5 to 6-foot long power cord. Make sure you follow the manual and manufacturer’s directions.

Required Tools

  • Measuring tape
  • Screwdriver
  • Screws and brackets (from the manufacturer)
  • Scissors

Step 1: Unpack Your AC and Locate the Center of Your Window

Begin by removing each piece from the AC box to make sure everything listed in the directions was included. Take a measurement of the window’s width and lightly mark the center with a pencil. That simple step will make the installation process much easier because you’ll be able to ensure you have the AC unit properly situated.

Step 2: Open and Prepare Your Window

Open your window. If the manufacturer provided any weather stripping, install it now. These strips are meant to block any air that would work its way through tiny cracks. It protects against any damage that your window might undergo during the placement or removal of the unit. Note that not every model comes with weather stripping because not all companies consider it a necessity.

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Step 3: Attach the Side Panels

Fit the panels to the unit, making sure to fully slide them into place, then use the screws provided by window AC manufacturers to secure the panels in place.

Step 4: Insert Your AC in the Window

Window Ac Installation

Now it’s time to lift your AC into the window and carefully center it. Make sure to ask someone to help you with this step. Once it’s properly in place, tightly close your window on top of the air conditioning unit.

In most cases, this type of AC ensures that the weight of the unit will be outside the building. After the window is closed your AC system stays in place, ensuring window AC safety.

Step 5: Install L Brackets

Anyone who frequently installs window air conditioners knows that reaching this stage means the difficult part is done. There are some minor variations, depending on the brand, but a majority of models will include at least one L bracket to secure the window in position.

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Step 6: Secure your AC Unit and Begin Cooling

Choose a window AC manufacturer that includes brackets and screws along with the unit. This extra safety measure isn’t provided by every manufacturer, but it should be. At this point, you’ve completed the process at no extra cost for your AC installation. Now you’re free to plug in your window AC and enjoy a cool breeze.

If you find this DIY guide easy, there’s even an easier route—letting a pro do the work for you. Here at Shepherd’s, we make sure that your AC unit is installed properly and seamlessly. Call us at (650) 861-4995 today for more info.

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