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Clogged Sink Plumbing Problems

Plumbing is probably something that’s not on your mind until you need help from your local plumber. Some plumbing issues are easy to fix, while others are complicated, depending on the damage they’ve caused. Fortunately, the following issues are entirely avoidable if you take certain precautions. Here are five of the worst plumbing problems and how to avoid them.

Using Harsh Cleaners

Ironically, dumping a drain cleaner into your sink can do more harm than good. This powerful substance won’t simply dislodge clogged areas. Strong household scrubbing chemicals or drain cleaners can actually corrode your pipes, leading to expensive and disastrous issues that are costly to repair.

Flushing the Wrong Things

It may seem as if flushing a small piece of trash down the toilet should be harmless, but this seemingly innocuous action can lead to serious clogging issues in the future. You should only flush two things down the toilet: human waste and toilet tissue. Other disposable items, including baby wipes, cotton pads, and sanitary napkins, should go in the trash instead.

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Making Repairs Yourself

With the myriad of articles and instructional videos you can find on the Internet, it may seem easy to complete plumbing repairs by yourself. However, plumbing is an intricate system, with many pipes that remain out of sight between walls and below floors. Patching up a surface issue without professional help may not work, and further problems could arise as a result of this DIY approach.

Additionally, it’s easy to tighten a valve too firmly and crack a pipe by accident, leading to more problems than you originally started with.

Pouring Oil and Grease Down the Drain

If you’ve cooked a fatty meal, such as bacon, that involves leftover grease or oil, it may seem convenient to pour these substances into the drain. However, thick, oily substances do not simply wash away. After a while, grease will actually build up and clog the drain. It’s best to dispose of oil and grease in the trash can.

Washing Food Down the Drain

Whether you wash your dishes by hand in the sink or in a dishwasher, it’s a good idea to throw leftover chunks of food into the garbage as well. If large pieces of food get into your plumbing, they can get stuck and clog the drain. This can also cause your dishwasher to work less efficiently and wear out more quickly. Later on, you’ll realize that you might need a professional plumber to unclog your drain.

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Fix Plumbing Issues ASAP!

Are you currently dealing with a plumbing issue and you don’t know what to do? Turn on your phone or computer’s location services and enter “plumbers near me” into the address bar. This will help you find a local plumber to solve your plumbing issues immediately.

If you reside in San Jose and nearby areas, Shepherd’s Plumbing can help you. You can give us a call at (650) 422-2466, and we’ll get back to you right away!

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