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Diamond Certified

Homeowners have been uniting in the face of domestic problems way before the dawn of the web. And, for almost two decades now, most have enjoyed the luxury of quality home services—especially in plumbing—with the help of the Diamond Certified logo. This certification is a vote of confidence and recommendation regarding the best local plumbing and domestic services in your area.

More than just a mere online consensus, the certification is only given to a chosen few who have been carefully evaluated by the American Ratings Corporation. To fully understand what the fuss is all about, here are the top reasons why you should only hire a diamond certified plumber.

Safe and Secure Services

The Diamond Certification includes not only a series of assessment using customer surveys, but also comprehensive verifications of all necessary legal business premiums. Awarded with this logo are companies who have not only satisfied customers with their services, but have also proven their dedication and responsibility in their fields through securing the proper licenses, bonds, and insurances.

The logo alone guarantees clients like yourself that the plumbing expert you’re eyeing is truly the best; you’re guaranteed with their plumbing expertise, their individual professional licenses, and their business permits. In case of injuries or damages to your property, you won’t have to worry about possible lawsuits as both you and the professional working on your grounds are fully covered.

Rigorous Quality Guidelines

Online reviews, word of mouth, and many other “votes of confidence” make up most traditional rating systems. With the Diamond Certification process, however, your professionals are screened via a 12-step process that includes surveys from real clients by random sampling. There’s more; it’s not just a few customers. The process usually reaches out to 400 previous customers for significant deductions.

If you think that’s hard enough, Diamond-certified plumbing professionals have to score 90+ out of a scale of 100 to be awarded the certificate. That logo doesn’t just happen with a few reviews; the professionals work hard to get them!

Continued Quality Assurance

Building on the previous point, the duties of Diamond Certified companies don’t end during their recognition. There are consistent quality assessments to ensure the company’s performances aren’t just one-offs. The certification sees to it that companies constantly work on their reputation to give customers the best service and experience.

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Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

All these culminate in your hiring of a trusted and recommended service expert. With the significant number of verified respondents echoing the same positive feedback, there’s almost no room for dissatisfaction. And you won’t have to worry as the Diamond Certification comes with a performance guarantee that will allow you to resolve issues with the help of a mediator.

If the issues persist beyond mediation, you can get a refund of up to $1000. That’s a surefire guarantee of the Diamond Certification’s pride in their (almost) faultless system.

The Best in the (local) Business

Finding the best plumbing experts are hard enough. Finding the best local ones are made even more difficult with all the personal and virtual suggestions that are mostly generic anecdotes—sometimes from dummy accounts. Luckily, the Diamond Certification process classifies entries by location and industry. Now you won’t have to worry about finding the best plumbing experts in your area!

Be it common faucet repairs or other emergency plumbing services, Diamond Certified plumbing promises top quality services that are geared towards efficient solutions and overall experience.

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