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When To Call A Plumber And When To Diy A Leaking Toilet Fix

Many people disregard a leaking toilet because they think everything’s fine as long as it’s not flooding.  However, considering the amount of water a malfunctioning toilet wastes, the problem will get worse over time.

There are instances when you can fix your toilet yourself—depending on the severity of the problem. If minor adjustments still won’t cut it, you will likely need the expertise of a professional plumber.

Finding the Problem

Before deciding whether you will go DIY or call for plumbing services, it’s important to find out what’s causing the leak first. Also, be mindful of the signs that indicate a running toilet:

  • An unusual spike in your water bill
  • Sounds of running water in the bathroom long after you’ve flushed the toilet
  • Dripping sounds from the toilet
  • Puddles near the base of the toilet
  • Dampness or moisture on the ceiling in the room underneath your toilet

The easiest way to check for a leaking toilet is to put a couple of drops of food coloring to your tank. This lets you see if the water is leaking into the bowl. If the water changes in color without flushing, you have a leaking or running toilet.

Another method is to remove the lid of the tank to check the inner mechanisms. Be sure to examine if there are strange sounds coming from the tank itself.

Quick and Simple Fixes

In most cases, a leaking toilet can be solved in just a matter of seconds. A common fix involves readjusting the flapper, a rubber piece that can be found at the very bottom of the inside of your tank. This mechanism moves up and down and allows water to run from the tank to the bowl after flushing. If the toilet flusher is not in use, the flapper should be lying flat against the bottom of the tank.

If you suspect a leak, something might be stuck below the flapper or the chain may be stuck on something else. Another usual problem is a loose or malfunctioning refill valve, which is also referred to as the float. These parts can be purchased at an inexpensive price from your local hardware store.

For homeowners who cannot diagnose the problem, it’s advised that you don’t even attempt tampering with the toilet mechanisms, as this can lead to new issues. Call a plumber instead, because plumbers are experienced in handling a wide range of problems and they usually have the parts necessary for a quick replacement.

When your toilet starts leaking nonstop, try to be calm and don’t panic. Simply turn off the main water line in your home and call a plumbing company with emergency services to get help.

Deciding to Make the Call

Have you tinkered around the inside of your toilet but still couldn’t stop the leak? Then you should promptly schedule a visit with an expert plumber. A trained professional can properly examine it and pinpoint the main cause of your leaking toilet. By getting assistance from a plumber, problems can be diagnosed and solved faster, especially those that you might miss on your own.

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