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Air Conditioner Checkup

Have you scheduled an appointment to have your air conditioning system serviced? If not, you will probably need to plan to do so in the near future. AC service is critical, and it’s not something to ignore if you want to maintain an efficient air conditioning system.

Unfortunately, air conditioner maintenance services aren’t something you can DIY. They need to be handled by a trained technician, so make sure you hire a reputable company for your air conditioning tune-up. Until then, here are several things you should expect from your AC specialist.

A Company with a Good Reputation

Checking Air ConditionerBe careful when selecting a business from the Internet. Take some extra time to read testimonials. You definitely want to get a sense of the reputation of any company you’re thinking about hiring. After all, a business is only as good as its reputation. So, save time and money by doing your research.

For example, how the business is ranked with the Better Business Bureau is a defining factor. Ask around. Have any of your friends or family members hired the company before? What was their experience? Questions like these will keep you on the right track.

Experience and Certification

Also, be sure to review the training and certification of the technician for hire. Do you know what sort of credentials they need to work for the business that’s offering your air conditioning tune-up? How much experience do they have in the industry, and are they insured? These are important questions to consider. Expect your technician to at least meet the minimum requirements for their position.

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A Tune-Up Should Take Some Time

Occasionally, heating and cooling companies offer air conditioning tune-up service at an extremely low price. Some of the quotes you’re given will seem too good to be true and they probably are. This is because many AC services offer simple inspections that take almost no time at all before they’re done. What happens is they skip over crucial inspection points, including internal components of your AC unit.

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Maintenance Air ConditionerIn contrast, when you hire a reputable company, expect their technician to examine each of your system’s critical components. Remember, proper AC inspection and cleaning is the best way to keep your air conditioner running safely and efficiently all summer long.

Once AC maintenance has been completed, you can expect your technician to notify you of any problems he or she found. You will also be given a time frame for follow-up appointments for future AC maintenance.

Your AC check-up is guaranteed seamless with reputable companies like Shepherd’s Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning. We’re Diamond Certified too! For more info, reach out to us today at (650) 861-4995.

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