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Leaking Toilet

For homeowners who don’t see money as a huge concern, you would probably call a plumber for every small problem in your plumbing system. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks that way. When something like a leaking or running toilet presents itself, it can be easy to put the issue on the back burner and plan to schedule plumbing services some other time in the future.

The problem is, a leaking or running toilet can indicate a wide range of plumbing problems. Determining what causes those problems can be difficult and you will need professional help to fix it.

In this blog, we will help you distinguish the difference between a leaking and running toilet.

Possible Cause

Running Toilet

One possible reason for a running toilet is when the flapper does not close properly onto the flush valve, or if it suddenly gets hung-up. This lets water to run freely from the tank, into the toilet bowl, and then down the drain. There are times that you will not spot a hung-up valve right away so it’s always best to get advice from a professional.

Leaking Flapper

All toilet flappers deteriorate as time goes by. Leaks can also occur due to small pieces of grit or other debris in the tank. Once a small foreign item gets between the flapper and the flush valve, the water in the tank will start leaking into the bowl.


Running Toilet

Most people fail to realize how important professional plumbing services are until they see an unusual spike in their monthly water bills.

If you have a running toilet, expect to waste around 4.5 gallons every minute. That equals almost 300 gallons each hour, or 6,480 gallons in one day. Not calling for plumbing services could increase your water bill to nearly $60 per day.

Leaking Flapper

A leaking flapper is also something you should not ignore. Leaving this kind of problem in your toilet can waste up to 200 gallons of water each day. If the problem is not checked by a licensed professional, expect your water bill to reach more than $50 every month.

Method of Repair

Running Toilet

When dealing with a running toilet, you can simply jiggle the handle or turn off the water source. Take note that this might not work on every problem–it’s always best to have a plumber to diagnose the problem and carry out the necessary repairs.

Leaking Flapper

Once detected, a leaking flapper should be replaced right away. When possible, use a flapper recommended by the toilet manufacturer. You can also use a universal flapper if an exact replacement is not available.

For homeowners who are not comfortable in doing this kind of repair, call for plumbing services. A certified plumber can make the repair for you and help prevent the issue from happening again.

Sometimes, elbow grease and DIY methods are not enough to solve a problem with your toilet. Before trying out any home remedy, give some serious thought to your plumbing issue. Remember: one wrong move can permanently damage your toilet and end up costing you more in the end. If your strategy is not producing results, schedule plumbing services to fix a leaking toilet ASAP.

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