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Green Plumbing

Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious these days, constantly finding better methods to protect the Earth’s natural resources in their own little way. Some use electric hybrid cars instead of gas-fueled vehicles, while others do not drive at all and simply use bicycles for their daily commute.

Aside from using energy-saving lights and appliances, many homeowners are making recycling a part of their regular routine. Another way to show care for the environment is by opting for green plumbing services.

What is Green Plumbing?

Green plumbing refers to plumbing practices that benefit the environment. These are sustainable and eco-friendly plumbing solutions that can help you save more money by utilizing energy-efficient appliances. The main goals of green plumbing are recycling used water, promotion of functionality and sustainability of plumbing materials, and conserving water.

What Can a Green Plumber do for You?

When making the switch from traditional plumbing to green plumbing, the first step is to schedule a visit from a reputable plumbing company. They will evaluate your home and come up with a green system that meets your budget and needs. Licensed and certified green plumbers can answer any question you may have about their plumbing services and technologies that may be beneficial to your home.

Your home will undergo a water audit, which is a 50-point inspection that helps green plumbers to identify the best ways to reduce your household water consumption. This process may involve upgrading existing fixtures and appliances to models that are more energy-efficient. Those who have much older homes can expect to have more replacements required as outdated models are notorious for being extremely wasteful of energy and water.

For instance, your current water heater may be upgraded into a hybrid unit for less energy consumption. Hybrid water heaters can generate more hot water compared to traditional ones. Another benefit to look forward to with hybrids is, they have ultra-low emissions, meaning there’s no carbon footprint to be left behind.

How to Find a Green Plumber

In the process of making your property more eco-friendly, you will need to get plumbing services from a licensed professional who adheres to green practices. A trustworthy green plumber should possess the necessary experience and training to provide high-quality plumbing without harming the environment and sacrificing functionality.

Besides having excellent qualifications, a green plumber should have knowledge of solving clogs without using harsh substances, insulating pipes to prevent energy loss, conducting a water audit, and installing fixtures and accessories approved by WaterSense.

To start looking for a green plumber, you can check out the Green Plumbers certification program for a list of professionals. If you already have plumbers you trust, you may ask them about their green plumbing practices.

Consider Green Plumbing Services

As water shortages and global warming continue to plague our modern society, it becomes everyone’s responsibility to become more mindful of the environment. So switch to green plumbing services for your home. By doing so, you can help reduce your home’s impact on the environment while enjoying huge savings on your utility bills.

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