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When the summer season approaches, it only means one thing: you’ll need to keep yourself cool and fresh as the temperatures start to rise again. Keeping your home comfortable is essential to survive those warm and humid days.

Unfortunately, summer also marks the time when air conditioners often become overworked. This causes sudden breakdowns during this period, with many people scrambling to get air conditioner repair before their house turns into a scorching oven.

The good news is you can prevent problems from getting worse by catching them early. Below are signs that tell if you need air conditioner repair or not.

Signs You Need an AC Repair

Weird Sounds

Anything you don’t usually hear as part of your normal AC functions may be a sign of a problem. Strange noises often begin and end in sync with the starting and stopping of the AC.

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Reduced Airflow

The Definitive List Of When You Need Air Conditioner Repair - And When You Don'TYour system’s reduced ability to cool your home may be due to ice forming on the coils.

Higher-Than-Usual Bills

An unexpected spike in your bills is a clear sign that something is not right, especially if you haven’t used your air conditioner more than you usually should.

Short Cycling

This process happens when the compressor turns on and off rapidly and only runs for a short period.

Low Cooling Level

Some of the factors that can warm the cooled air include frost on coils and leaking refrigerant. These problems can slow down your system’s efficiency.

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Signs You DON’T Need an AC Repair

Blocked Air Vents

The Definitive List Of When You Need Air Conditioner Repair - And When You Don'TWhen dirt and debris accumulate in your return air vents, airflow can be blocked from entering the motor of the AC blower. You can resolve this by cleaning your AC.


Every time your cooling system has to work harder than it should, it runs the risk of getting overheated. Clogged air filters can have this effect on your compressor and air handler. Most of the time, overheating can make your system cycle on and off frequently or shut down completely. If you haven’t found out any serious problem, your AC might only need a good cleaning.

Dusty Coils

If there is dust clinging to the coils or housing walls, it can make your cooling system less efficient. It can also be a sign that your air filter has not been working properly. While this can be a problem, it is typically not something that requires extensive repair. All you need to do is give the unit some thorough cleaning.

Air Conditioner Repair: When to Call a Professional

Looking for signs of air conditioner trouble is not diagnosing a specific issue. Only trained and certified professionals can identify the source of a failing unit and perform necessary air conditioner repairs. Since air conditioners have potentially hazardous substances such as refrigerant, you need the help of licensed technicians for proper handling.

Don’t wait for your air conditioning system to cause bigger problems in the long run—schedule an inspection from your trusted HVAC professional if you sense that something’s not right with your unit.

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