The Best Hvac Systems For Homes In Santa Clara

In the middle of a freezing cold winter or blazing hot summer, the best way to stay comfortable is through an HVAC system.

90% of Americans use air conditioners to keep chilly, as they rely on a central furnace or heat pump for maintaining a balanced home temperature. This proves that most of us would clearly not consider a home without a certain type of HVAC system in place.

Finding the best residential HVAC system can be tricky, though. You need to consider different factors, such as features, cost, warranty, sound rating, energy efficiency, and customer reviews.

In Santa Clara, several counties and cities are requiring homeowners to buy electric HVAC systems.

Check out these options if you’re planning to go electric as well:

Hybrid Split System

The Best Hvac Systems For Homes In Santa ClaraHybrid split systems are similar to standard split systems. The only difference is the way they are powered. This type of HVAC unit uses a “hybrid electric heater” that allows homeowners to power their system using either electricity or gas.

Like other HVAC systems, they require ductwork before installation, and they are controlled through a centralized thermostat. Hybrid split systems are also more efficient to operate.

One drawback of using this unit is the cost. Installing one for your home is often more expensive than standard ones. But, if you have enough funds to invest in such a system, you can get your money back in the long run since it’s an energy saver.

Ductless Split Systems

As the name suggests, ductless HVAC systems are installed without the need for ducting. These systems, instead, use several units within each room that needs temperature control. Ductless HVAC systems, in general, have high efficiency. They can reduce energy consumption, but they are not as efficient as hybrid units.

Each unit is mounted onto walls and connected to a compressor outside your house. This option is considered economical, convenient, and easy to install if you don’t have ducting in your home.

Split HVAC Systems

The Best Hvac Systems For Homes In Santa ClaraThe split HVAC system is the most common choice for homeowners. It has two main systems: one that heats your home, and another for cooling. It’s composed of one indoor unit, which can be installed in your attic, basement, crawlspace, or garage. There’s also an outdoor unit called an AC pad that’s placed outside your property onto a level cement foundation.

Split systems are ideal and affordable for homes with a ducting system already in place. But if you need to get ductwork installed, it can become quite expensive.

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Planning to Get a New HVAC System?

An HVAC system consumes almost half of the total energy usage in your home. An inefficient unit results in high energy bills, which could take a toll on your monthly household budget over time.

But remember that the professional who installs your HVAC unit matters more than any type of unit you buy.

An HVAC technician with guaranteed expertise can make any system run efficiently.

Tired of your old, inefficient HVAC system? Call your trusted HVAC contractor today to know more about your options.

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