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Surprising Questions You Should Be Asking Your Plumber, But Aren'T

Have you tried hiring a plumber before? Was the experience satisfactory?

If the answer is “no,” then you might not be asking the RIGHT questions.

There are many questions that a homeowner must ask before settling on a professional. The right inquiries will help you find a qualified plumber who can deal with both major and minor concerns. If you’re looking for an emergency plumber, or simply want to know your options for a start, take note of these questions:

Who will be doing the work?

Emergency PlumberAre you working with a small plumbing company? If yes, chances are the plumber who prepares the estimate will also do the work.

But, note that larger companies may have a different setup. These enterprises employ multiple plumbers, and someone else might be in charge of the job. While this is not a problem, it’s your right as the customer to know who will do the work upfront.

Make a background check for the plumber—request information regarding their training, skills, and experiences. A reputable company will understand your concern and provide anything you need for peace of mind.

Do you have the required documentation?

NEVER hire a non-licensed, non-certified plumber. Many homeowners make the mistake of hiring a plumber without looking at their credentials, assuming all contractors are legitimate.

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A bond and appropriate insurance are necessary to cover any accidents that might happen during the work. Guarantees are also important—always READ the fine print before signing any contract.

Ensure that everything discussed between you and your plumber verbally is put into writing. File these documents somewhere you can find right away, in case you need follow-up work.

Can you provide references?

Plumbing ServicesReferences give you an idea of the plumber’s customer service. A trustworthy contractor should have no problem giving a list of their satisfied customers in your local area.

You can also check feedback from online review websites or through the Better Business Bureau.

Take note that one person’s poor experience does not mean it’s the same for everyone. Dedicate time to conduct proper research and look into a company’s background before hiring them.

Do you clean up after work?

Most plumbers will clean up the work area once the job is finished. But, not everyone practices this. If you can’t deal with the daunting task of cleaning the work area, talk to your plumbing contractor about it. A reliable plumber will understand your concern and consider to clean it up for you without any hesitation.

Cleanup should cover trash disposal and the repair of anything moved or damaged during the job. There are also instances when the plumber charges an extra cleanup fee. It’s best to clarify the scope and charge of the cleanup before beginning any project.

Where Can I Find a Good Plumber Near Me?

Plumbing emergencies can put you in a panic—that’s why it pays to be prepared.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions, and never depend on your gut feel only. The contractor should be willing to explain what happened and what could happen along the process. The value of their services only increases if they can address all your concerns and needs.

The best way to find a great plumber is through your local community. Ask referrals from friends, family, or neighbors for reliable contractors near you.

By doing research and asking the questions above, you’re sure to find the best plumber near you in no time.

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