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Ac Repair Near Me

Are you googling “AC repair near me”? Rising temperatures this summer don’t have to mean staying secluded in a dark room with a fan. You can contact us at Shepherd’s for repairs, but in the meantime, beating the heat can be fun – and we have the perfect list of suggestions to keep you cool!

If it’s hot…

1. Change your AC Filter

A common culprit of poor performance in an air conditioner is a dirty filter. A clogged or dirty filter adds resistance and reduces air flow, making your AC unit work harder to cool your home. Change your filter to reduce the time and energy your AC uses to reach the desired temperature.

2. Keep it Shady

Although natural light is the most visually appealing way to keep your home bright, it can draw in a significant amount of heat. Curtains, shutters, or solar screens are excellent options for keeping light and heat out. As a more long-term solution, consider planting larger bushes or trees in front of east and west facing windows to keep them permanently shaded.

If it’s really hot…

3. Go Plant Crazy!

House plants have been shown to improve mood and purify the air – but did you know that they can also help make your home feel cooler? Plants release moisture into the air, which regulates the humidity in a room. The effect of the extra humidity is that the air in your home feels more temperate and comfortable.

4. Chill your Skincare

Store your creamy makeup and skincare products in the refrigerator! Keeping them chilled will cool you down when you apply them while extending the shelf life of your products.

5. Schedule Routine AC Maintenance

If you’re googling “Ac repair near me,” you may have skipped some important maintenance. Most experts recommend scheduling maintenance on your AC system at least once a year. Professionals can fix leaky refrigerant, make sure that the evaporator coils are functioning properly, and identify problems before they severely impede your AC’s functioning. A maintained AC unit will last longer and use less energy to cool your home.

If it’s too hot to handle…

6. Go Big with an HVAC Zoning System

A zoned AC system uses dampers within the ductwork to direct air towards certain areas or rooms in your home. With zoning, you can create customized temperature zones within your home for better comfort. Specialized cooling systems are a must, especially in two-story houses that have varying temperature needs from room to room.

7. Seek Refuge

Wanderlust tends to hit people a little harder during the summer. A day trip to the coast can offer much needed respite from the heat. If travel isn’t possible, seeing a new film in a cool movie theater can be the perfect activity for hot summer days.

Stay cool out there – and have fun doing it!

Ac Repair Near Me

If you’re looking for high-quality air conditioning services, choose Shepherd’s Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning. You can rely on our experts to improve the quality and longevity of your home’s HVAC system. Schedule with us today by calling (650) 422-2466, or use this easy form to get in touch. Join our long list of satisfied customers and let us take care of all your plumbing, heating, and air conditioning repair needs!

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