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Signs That You Are Overdue For Plumbing Services

Most professional plumbers agree that homeowners should receive a plumbing inspection at least once every two years for safety and optimal performance. However, issues with plumbing systems can crop up due to natural wear and tear. Depending on the hardness of the water in your city, the usage level, the age of the pipes, and the quality of the installation, pipes may accrue extra mineral deposits, crack, or corrode over time. Read on for signs that you are overdue for plumbing services.

Inconsistent Water Flow

If you have been struggling to wash your hair in a low-water pressure shower, you may be dealing with cracked or clogged pipes, mineral buildup in the faucet or shower head, or a broken water pressure regulator. While cracked pipes or a broken regulator are best solved by a professional plumber, you may be able to remove limescale and mineral buildup from a clogged shower head yourself. Fill a plastic bag with distilled white vinegar, then secure the plastic bag around the shower head with a rubber band. Let it sit for one hour, then remove the vinegar soak, rinse the shower head with clean water, and polish with a soft cloth.

Weird Noises

Strange hammering, banging, vibrating, whistling, ticking, squealing, or creaking noises at all hours of the day can be attributed to poltergeists or plumbing problems… Our guess is plumbing problems. Professional plumbing services can identify the root cause of the unusual noises. Whether it is high-pressure water hammers or poorly insulated pipes, a plumber can recommend and execute the right service to send the pipe poltergeists packing.

Unpleasant Odors

A clogged pipe or a sewage leak can cause unsavory odors to build up in a home. A leak may not be obvious immediately, but still or standing water can cause serious damage to your floors, walls, and even the foundation of your home if left for long. Dampness can cause wooden planks to expand, grow mold, become uneven, develop stains, and buckle. These unpleasant symptoms of water damage are also hazardous to the health and safety of those that live in your home, especially if the leak is coming from a broken sewer pipe.

You’re Always Running Out of Hot Water

If the residents of your household are in the habit of taking hour-long showers, it’s no mystery where the hot water is going. However, if water takes hours to heat up, never heats up at all, or the temperature seems to fluctuate without reason, it’s time to call a plumber for an inspection. A plumber will check the igniters, fuses, thermostats, heating elements, and pipes to determine the cause of water temperature problems. There’s no need to hurry through any more cold showers – schedule plumbing services today!

Honest Plumbing Services

Any signs that you are overdue for plumbing services? The plumbing system requires regular maintenance to run optimally, but some problems just can’t be fixed with a single Phillips-head screwdriver. Here at Shepherd’s Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning, we are committed to providing you with plumbing services that last. Give us a call today at 6504594557 for any questions about our reputable plumbing services.

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