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Room Air Conditioner Repair Service

HVAC maintenance is always a good idea. This is especially true when winter is approaching, and spring, thereafter. It’s important to plan ahead in order to save on potential room air conditioner repair services for your HVAC system. This way you can cut back on costs and ensure that your unit is in proper working order when you need it the most. Read on for our list of recommended fall maintenance tasks to save on room air conditioner repair service.

Check the Air Filter

You can clean or change your filter as needed. Don’t continue using a filter that has expired, as it won’t be as effective as when it was new. A dirty filter can hamper both an air conditioner’s performance, as well as that of a furnace, or even a heat pump. It can increase energy costs and, if not addressed, has the potential to shorten an HVAC’s service life.

Clean Your Condenser, Evaporator, and Condenser Lines

Anytime your evaporator coil is covered with dust or moisture, it causes your HVAC to work a little harder and, as a result, with less efficiency. Clean these peripherals prior to the spring rains. A dirty condenser can add to your energy consumption by almost 30%

Clean Compressor

  1. Make sure to turn off the power to your unit to prevent accidents.
  2. Use a vacuum cleaner to siphon dirt buildup away from the outer fins.
  3. Straighten out bent fins.
  4. Remove the top grill and the fan without disturbing any wiring. Set the fan aside.
  5. Vacuum dirt from inside of the unit and clean any remaining grime with a piece of cloth.
  6. Using running water, spray the fins from the inside.
  7. Re-assemble all parts and secure them.
  8. Turn the power source back on.

Clean the Surrounding Area of the Main Unit

Cut any long grass and shrubs near your room air conditioner unit. Make sure that it’s not obstructed by large debris, either. Clear at least three feet around the unit to ensure proper ventilation.

Install a Thermostat

Attaching a programmable thermostat can automatically adjust the temperature to your desired level. This can reduce strain on your unit and save you at least 10% in energy consumption costs. If you have a window type, you can rest assured that you won’t be spending on window AC repair.

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Cover Up Your Outdoor Condenser

You can buy an outdoor condenser cover from the nearest home improvement store, or you can simply place a plywood cover right on top of the unit. Make sure there’s enough to provide shade for the rest of the unit. Keep the plywood in place with a weight or a large stone. The idea is to keep it covered while allowing your unit to expel heat and moisture.

Even if you complete the above steps, it’s still important to take advantage of professional cleaning services for your unit. Schedule an appointment at least once a year to get that full maintenance check-up. It’s a minor expense when compared to having to buy a whole new system.

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