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Drain Cleaning 101: Professional Plumbing Services Vs Chemical Cleaner

So, you have a slow or clogged drain? This is a fairly common issue in any household. And like many other homeowners, you may be tempted to hit the hardware store and pick up some drain cleaner to “fix” the problem yourself. Chemicals could work temporarily, but they can also damage your pipes. So, before you touch that chemical drain cleaner, you may want to read why professional plumbing services are often a better alternative.

Prevent Injuries

Chemical drain cleaners produce harmful or even fatal fumes. If used improperly, they can become a hazard to people and animals. If any of the liquid splashes around, you can also burn your skin and hurt your eyes. If you plan to use drain chemicals at home, read the instructions thoroughly. Or you could simply choose the safer option, and call a plumber.

Receive a Correct Diagnosis

As a homeowner, you likely don’t possess the proper tools to inspect your plumbing and determine the exact cause of the problem. Professional cleaners use special video cameras to reach down into the pipe. They can properly identify the issue and apply the right solution to fix it. Unfortunately, you can’t always successfully unclog your pipes with a chemical drain cleaner.

Chemicals Can Damage the Pipes

Not all, but many store-bought chemical drain cleaners contain corrosive ingredients like peroxide, caustic potash, or lye, that can erode water pipes from the inside out. The heat produced by some chemicals can also soften PVC or other similar materials. Over time, your degraded pipes may end up leaking and cause major damage to your home. Furthermore, chemical drain cleaners don’t always remove the blockage entirely. Sometimes they just push it further down the pipe.

Prevent Future Drain Clogs

Professional plumbers can provide solutions and advice on how to reduce the risk of leaks and flooding, or even how to prevent future clogs. They can also aid in reducing future expenses associated with plumbing problems by providing preventative maintenance.

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Resolve Other Issues

Clogged pipes can have a detrimental impact on your home’s environment. For example, sewer backups can cause extremely unpleasant smells. Chemical cleaners can’t really help with odors because you can’t always get rid of the smell by flushing the water.

The moist environment of a drain promotes mold growth, which can trigger allergies, among other health issues. The slime found in drains can also become a nesting ground for flies, and you surely don’t want them infesting your home.

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Lower Water Bill

If there’s a hidden leak, there’s probably no way you can find yourself. You simply don’t have the proper tools to do so. Any leak can increase water usage and, therefore, your water bill will be higher. But by having a professional plumber inspect and repair your drains or pipes, your problem can be quickly fixed.

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Professional plumbers don’t use corrosive chemicals that can do more harm than good. Instead, they make use of effective methods, like using an auger and hydro jetting. Furthermore, these solutions do not pose the risk of creating dangerous toxic fumes or splashing.

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