Plumbing Maintenance

All homeowners will experience plumbing concerns at some point. The good news is, these issues are usually easy to solve, as long as you have an idea of proper plumbing care.

Knowing the basics of plumbing maintenance not only prevents possible damage to your home but can also help you save hundreds of dollars in plumbing services.

Here are a few helpful maintenance tips to remember when dealing with plumbing.

Turn Off Appliances

You should be able to shut off the water to each toilet, sink, washing machine, and other appliances that use water. Knowing how to turn off the water supply once an issue comes up greatly reduces the possible damage and makes it easier to clean up.

Focus on Early Repair

A leaking faucet may just be a minor annoyance for some but it can actually do serious damage if taken for granted. The moisture from a leak can cause wear and tear in sink fixtures while also encouraging mold growth.

One simple way to spot a plumbing leak is to pull away from the refrigerator from the wall at least once a month. Leaking water points to a leaking icemaker, while puddles could indicate that the water is already soaking into your floor.

Know the Material of your Pipes

One of your key responsibilities as a homeowner is to know what material was used in your pipes. For homes built before 1970, you may have galvanized iron pipes that are prone to rust and corrosion. Signs of this problem include a huge drop in water pressure and the appearance of a brown tint in your tap water. Once this occurs, call an experienced plumber and have the pipes replaced ASAP.

Watch out for Water Leaks

While small leaks may seem harmless, they can and often result in serious issues if left unfixed. Be sure to watch out for signs of trouble such as small puddles, rocking toilets, damp cabinets, leaking water fixtures, and dripping refrigerators. These are all symptoms of a leak problem that should be addressed right away.

Overflow Response

When water is gushing from your toilet, sink, or anywhere else, you need to know how to react fast without panicking. Locate the main water supply shut-off valve in your home so you’ll know where to go if there is an overflow.

In case your valve is in a hidden, hard-to-reach, and dark place, be sure to gather all the tools you need for a quick shut-off and store it in an accessible place. This reduces the time needed for you to turn off the water supply once the water starts to rapidly pour from a malfunctioning toilet or damaged pipe.

Calling Plumbing Services for Maintenance

Your plumbing system requires regular maintenance for it to stand the test of time and operate smoothly at all times. Although there are basic maintenance tasks you can do even without experience, it’s always best to call plumbing services for a more thorough inspection. Doing so gives you peace of mind knowing your trusted plumber will be able to catch any problems before they have a chance to turn into something worse.

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