Portola Valley

Portola Valley is an incorporated town in the California Bay Area region. Neighboring Woodside and Los Altos, this small town is nestled between an expansive open space and the hustle and bustle of Silicon Valley. Portola Valley sits beside a 28 million-year-old earthquake fault known as the San Andreas Fault, which has not produced an earthquake of significant magnitude since the devastating 1906 San Francisco Earthquake. With a population of 4,592 and a commitment to maintaining its expansive trail network in the Open Space Preserve, this California town draws hikers, campers, and small-town folks with an appreciation for pastoral quietude.

The nineteen hundred acres of open space in Portola Valley feature meadows, grasslands, redwood forests, salt marshes and clusters of oak trees. This area is also home to many endangered species, including a wide variety of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and plants. Residents treasure the town’s commitment to preserving its open space. In addition to its rich and beautiful natural environment, Portola Valley offers modern developments such as the Town Center. Here, visitors and residents alike can visit the county library, a community hall offering classes, recreational playing fields, and a Historic Schoolhouse.

With a rich history, excellent public schools, a beautiful landscape, and a town government staffed with volunteers, Portola Valley is a hidden gem near the California coast. The quaint, rural landscape is perfect for retirement or visitors seeking a quiet refuge from the busy tech world of Silicon Valley and the greater Bay Area.

Shepherd’s: Portola Valley’s Top Choice for Plumbing and HVAC Services

Shepherd’s Plumbing, Heating, & Air Conditioning is a family business passed down through three generations of expert plumbers and technicians. The current team retains sixty years of combined experience in the field. Independently rated Highest in Quality and Helpful Expertise and holders of the Diamond Certification Award, Shepherd’s offers exceptional services that Portola Valley residents trust. We promise prompt response times, free consultations, and package deals.


Plumbing Services

Our team of expert plumbing professionals have the knowledge, equipment, and experience to help your home plumbing system last longer and work more efficiently. We cover:

  • New Plumbing – complete plumbing system installation
  • Faucet Installation and Repairs – fix leaks, clanking noises, squeaky handles
  • Leaking Pipes and Water Line Repair – including sewage leaks and sewer main line repair
  • Water Heater Installation and Repair – repair dispenser, leaks, or delays
  • And more – view our plumbing services page for a comprehensive list of services!

AC & HVAC Services

From basic maintenance to full replacements and complicated repairs, our industry professionals can do it for you. Our air conditioning and HVAC services cover:

  • Indoor Air Quality and Filtration – reduce allergens and dust in the air
  • Hydronic/Radiant Heating Systems – cost effective and efficient whole-house heating
  • Gas Fired Furnace Repair, Installation – for all makes and models of furnace
  • Air Conditioning Installation/Repair – expert installation and repairs make AC units last longer
  • AC Zoning System – helps save energy costs and levels temperature
  • And more – check out our HVAC and AC services page for a full list of our services!


Let’s Talk

Get in touch with a Plumbing, AC and HVAC professional today! To learn more about what we offer to our clients in Portola Valley, Los Altos, Woodside, and the greater Bay Area, click here. To contact us, simply call (650) 263-6758 or visit our Contact Us page.

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