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Did you know that plumbing transformed the world? Find how plumbing is beneficial to society and what it means to be a plumber. In a golden age of convenience, it’s easy to take everyday luxuries like plumbing for granted. But before flushable toilets and water faucets took over, the world was a very different place. Here are four major changes that the invention of plumbing services have brought to our lives.

1) Indoor Bathrooms

Before plumbing became common, the simple act of using the restroom was a lot less convenient. People had to make use of outhouses, even in the wintertime, or use chamber pots that they later had to dump outside. Additionally, when it was time to take a bath, people had to manually fill a tub with heated water, a process that takes a lot longer than you’d think.

In the modern world, you can use a toilet and take a shower with minimal effort at all. Even better, you do not need to go outside into the cold to relieve yourself. Water closets were invented hundreds of years ago, but it wasn’t until the 1900s when it suddenly became a necessity in households. Before this time, people didn’t have the convenience we do today, but had to use portable toilets or keep a chamber pot.

2) Hot Water

A couple of centuries ago, anyone who wanted hot water first had to make a fire, then slowly heat limited quantities of water to the desired temperature.

Today, you can access heated water almost instantly by lifting a faucet handle. Gone are the days when warm baths took a long time to prepare. Now you can take hot showers or baths whenever you wish to, thanks to modern plumbing innovations.

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3) Out of Sight Sewers

It’s hard to imagine, but prior to the invention of plumbing, people simply tossed sewage into the streets from their windows or doors. This unsanitary practice made diseases prevalent due to the constant presence of bad bacteria.

Now, with sewer lines in many parts of the world, the stench of sewage travels underground, instead of all over the streets. Thanks to flushable toilets and sink drains, you no longer need to worry about disposing of waste and dirty water. This has also cut down on illnesses, like cholera.

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4) Clean Water

Plumbing doesn’t just take care of waste. It is also the reason why you have fresh, clean water. At one time, people had to boil water to combat health issues that often resulted from contamination. Even with precautions, health issues originating from the consumption of unclean water were prevalent.

Today, water runs through filters, so you can safely drink a glass of fresh water by simply turning on a faucet. This wasn’t always the case.

Plumbing Transformed the World

Plumbing is probably not something that is on your mind until an issue comes up that requires the help of a plumber, but this revolutionary concept has changed our lives for the better.

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