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Must-Have Tools For Plumbers

Plumbers must have a vast knowledge of tools and equipment to do their job properly. From fixing leaks to replacing pipes, they rely on their tools to get the job done. In this post, we’ll go over the must-have tools for plumbers and DIY plumbing repair jobs alike. Whether you’re a homeowner who likes to do repairs yourself or are considering a career in plumbing, these tools will help you get the job done right.

Common Plumbing Issues and Tools to Fix Them

There are many different types of plumbing issues that people face. Here’s a list of common problems and the must-have tools for plumbers that you’ll need to solve them:

  • A leaky faucet: If your faucet is leaking, use pliers or slip-joint pliers to remove nuts and bolts on the handle. Once the handle is off, you can replace the washer. If there are threads on the stem that have been stripped, use a pipe wrench to remove it and install a new one.
  • A clogged drain: A plunger is an essential tool for unclogging drains. Place the plunger over the drain, then push and pull up and down until the clog is cleared. If the plunger doesn’t work, use a plumbing snake to clear the drain.
  • A backed-up toilet: A plunger can also be used to unclog toilets. Place it over the opening of the bowl and push and pull up and down until the blockage is cleared. If this doesn’t work, use a toilet auger to clear the clog.
  • A water heater leak: Water heaters can spring leaks from time to time. If yours does, you’ll need an adjustable wrench and a pipe wrench to remove the old tank. Keep in mind that some tanks are heavy so make sure you have someone helping you lift it out. You’ll also need a soldering iron and solder to install the new tank.
  • A burst pipe: If you have a burst pipe, turn off the water supply immediately before any damage is done. Then use a wrench or pliers to remove any damaged pipes and replace them with new ones.

How Plumbers Use Their Tools of the Trade

While most of the must-have tools for plumbers on this list are essential, there are a few that are specific to their trade. Here’s a look at some of the more common tools used by plumbers and what they’re used for:

  • Pipe wrenches: Used for tightening or loosening threaded pipes
  • Channel Locks: Channel locks are a type of pliers that have a V-shaped groove on the jaws. They’re perfect for gripping onto pipes and fittings.
  • Slip Joint Pliers: Slip joint pliers are adjustable, so they can fit around different sizes of pipes. They’re perfect for tightening or loosening nuts and bolts.
  • Crescent Wrench: A Crescent wrench is an open-ended wrench that’s perfect for gripping onto square and hexagonal bolts.
  • Allen Wrench: An Allen wrench is a type of screwdriver that has a T-shaped handle. It’s perfect for tightening or loosening screws on fittings.
  • Hacksaw: A hacksaw is perfect for cutting through metal pipes.

While these are some of the more common must-have tools for plumbers, there are many other specialized tools that they might need for a particular job. Having the right tools will make any plumbing job faster and easier, so be sure to have them on hand before you start working. If you’re unsure of how to do the job, call a professional plumber for help!

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