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Most Common Plumbing Services

Here are the most common plumbing services that we regularly provide to our valued customers. Do you need plumbing services? Plumbing issues can range from a mildly leaky faucet all the way to a major sewer system backup that requires the help of a licensed plumber. Some hands-on homeowners may choose to tackle minor issues themselves, but others may not even know where to begin. Whichever category you fall into, Shepherd’s Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning can provide you with quality plumbing services that last, allowing you the time and peace of mind to get back to your life.

Drainage Services

Clogged sink, shower, or toilet? Everyone experiences inconveniences like these from time to time, but a recurring problem with clogging could indicate a larger issue. Clogs can be prevented with daily maintenance tips, like avoiding rinsing hair down the sink and shower drain, and never pouring grease down the kitchen sink. If you already do these things and still end up with a clog, a professional plumber has the skills and equipment to remove the clog and get your appliances running again.

Leaky Pipes Repair

An unusually high water bill or an annoying drip-drop sound is often enough to diagnose a leaky pipe problem. With every leak that goes ignored or undetected, you are paying more for wasted water and potentially putting your home at risk for water damage. Since pipes can corrode, crack, or burst with time and strain, a simple leak can turn into an expensive pipe replacement bill very quickly. At Shepherd’s, our plumbing services encompass both finding and fixing the problem. We can assess the damage and provide you with the best options to ensure that your pipes are built to last.

Water Heater Repair

If you’re a fan of scalding hot showers, you know the pain of suffering through a lukewarm or cold shower because of a faulty water heater. Like any home fixture, water heaters are susceptible to environmental damage or general wear-and-tear over time. If your water won’t heat up, or if it smells funny, it could be a sign that your water heater is overdue for a repair. Turn off the power to your water heater on your circuit breaker or gas pilot control valve before attempting any repairs at home. Alternatively, a plumber can pinpoint and fix the problem at a low cost.

Sewer Stoppage Cleaning

When you have a stoppage in your toilet, drain lines, or sewer, you’ll know. The foul odors, gurgling noises, and slow draining are obviously unpleasant signs that something is wrong. Most people are unaware that all of their plumbing fixtures connect to the sewer, so a problem with your sewer can show up as a slow-draining shower or any number of issues. Some surface-level stoppages are fixable by the average Joe, for example, you can usually fix a clogged toilet yourself with a plunger (or this hot water and dish soap trick). If you suspect a deeper sewer stoppage, however, a plumber’s knowledge and specialized equipment will be necessary.

Give Us a Call!

Any plumbing system requires regular maintenance to run optimally, but some problems just can’t be fixed with a single Phillips-head screwdriver. Here at Shepherd’s Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning, we are committed to providing you with plumbing services that last. Give us a call (650) 422-2466 today for any questions or general inquiries about plumbing services.

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