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Certified Plumbers Near Me Low Water Pressure

We all know how it feels to be waiting for your shower to heat up and have nothing but a drizzle coming out. It’s even worse when you’re trying to wash dishes and there’s barely enough pressure to rinse them off! Our professional plumbing company frequently gets calls from homeowners with low water pressure, and we are experts in determining the cause and fixing it quickly. Read on to learn about the causes of low water pressure and how certified plumbers near me can help you fix them once and for all.

What Causes Low Water Pressure?

Blocked Aerator

The most common cause of low water pressure is a clogged or partially blocked aerator. A lot of times, people don’t realize that the tiny little holes in the tip are what actually regulates water coming out of your faucet. It’s easy to take them for granted until they get all gunked up with hard-water deposits and even the smallest particles of debris. And when that happens, you’ll know it because your water pressure will be reduced to a trickle.

Obstructed Pipes

Another common cause of low water pressure is when there’s an obstruction in the pipes. This could be anything from a kinked hose to a build-up of sediment or rust.

Damaged Piping

If your home is older, there’s a good chance that the piping has started to corrode and deteriorate with age. This can cause major problems down the road like leaks, reduced water flow, and in extreme cases – even flooding. If you’re experiencing low water pressure and none of the other possible culprits apply, you may have a problem with the piping.

Leaks or Burst Pipes

Low water pressure can also be due to leaks in your plumbing system. A leaky faucet is one thing, but if there’s a crack anywhere else along the line it will cause problems for all of those downstream from that point as well.

Clogged Water Heater

A clogged water heater can also be the cause of low water pressure. This is usually caused by a build-up of sediment or lime scale and it’s not uncommon for this to happen over time. If you’re noticing that your hot water isn’t coming out as hot as it used to, or if the pressure is noticeably low, it’s likely that your water heater needs to be cleaned.

Contact Certified Plumbers Near Me

How Can a Professional Plumbing Company Help?

If you’re experiencing low water pressure and you’ve tried all of the tips mentioned above, then it’s time to call in a professional plumbing company. Our certified plumbers have years of experience and extensive training to fix any issue you may have.

Low water pressure can be a real inconvenience, but certified plumbers near me are here to help!

Plumbing Services for Low Water Pressure

When you call our plumbing services for low water pressure, here’s what you can expect.

  • We’ll send out one of our certified plumbers to your home to diagnose the problem
  • We’ll determine the cause of low water pressure and let you know the best course of action
  • Once we’ve fixed your problem, our certified plumbers will train you on how to best avoid it in the future
  • You can relax knowing that your water pressure is high, your plumbing woes are solved, and you have a certified plumber in your contacts for future issues! 

Let Us Help! 

Here at Shepherd’s Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning, we are committed to providing you with plumbing services that last. Give us a call today at (650)263-6986 or visit our contact us page for any questions or general inquiries about our reputable plumbing services. 


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