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Hvac Equipment Shortages

HVAC equipment shortages are impacting our ability to get new equipment into the field. The best way to ensure your company does not get hit with a delay in HVAC orders is to prepare for it.

In the middle of what has turned out to be a hot summer, homeowners and HVAC contractors are becoming increasingly affected by the 2021 HVAC unit and parts shortage. Supply issues and product change shortages brought on by the pandemic have touched every corner of the American economy, impacting both businesses and consumers as a result. In addition to focusing on air conditioner repair and maintenance while equipment and parts are scarce, we’ll explain how consumers can best prepahre for supply chain shortages. 

What caused the shortages?

Shortages in the HVAC market are generally a reflection of broader supply and cost challenges in the construction market. The 2020 – 2021 shortage disrupted many links on the HVAC equipment supply chain from raw materials to consumer.

  • The global pandemic has shifted conventional production practices and timelines
  • The pandemic has caused shipping, demand, and supply disruptions
  • The shortage of components and raw materials have forced HVAC manufacturers to cut shifts on assembly lines, leader to fewer HVAC parts and units produced

Impact on HVAC and AC Supplies

It’s not just HVAC equipment. Cars, Chick-fil-A sauce, coffee, computer chips, jet fuel… Industries all over the world are feeling the effects of shortages. In particular, the shortages limiting HVAC and AC supplies are: 

  • Raw materials including steel, aluminum, copper, and plastics. 
  • Semiconductors, which are crucial in electronic appliances and for your AC’s temperature sensors

What do consumers need to know about the shortages? 

Consumers in the market for HVAC and AC units, parts, or equipment may feel the effects of the shortage. Problems that consumers may run into include:

Higher Prices

Shortages often cause a spike in demand without the necessary supply, leading to higher pricing. Because of the raw supply shortage, the cost of materials such as steel, aluminum, copper, and plastic is expected to rise in the coming months. Recently, copper and steel reached record high pricing levels. 

Longer Wait Times

Waiting times for special parts can be weeks or even months. Without access to enough raw materials, manufacturers will be forced to churn out less product. The hot summer months and existing shortages have already increased demand for HVAC and AC equipment, so it may be more difficult to find the parts or units you need. 

How Can Air Conditioner Repair Services Help?

You don’t want to find yourself without air conditioning this summer. Maintaining your current HVAC and AC system can help ensure that you stay cool. Remember, due to the equipment shortages, it could take several weeks before you can install a new AC system or find the right replacement part. Insure your AC by:

  • Changing the air filter every 1-3 months. 
  • Getting a tune-up or full air conditioner repair by a professional. 
  • Most importantly, don’t wait until your AC breaks down to take action. 

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