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Air Conditioning Repair

Cooling and heating bills can make up more than half of your home’s total utility expenses. That’s why air conditioning repair and maintenance is considered part of the biggest energy expense for the usual U.S. household.

As the warmer months approach, you need to ensure your air conditioning unit’s efficiency. Get the most out of your air conditioning system this summer by following the tips below:

Inspect the System’s Wiring

Turn off the air conditioning and check the wiring located in the condensing unit; you’ll want to be particularly alert for signs of wear or overheating. If you can spot any worn-out or burnt-looking wires, call for a professional immediately.

Wiring problems in your AC can lead to more serious problems or possibly cause a fire. A licensed technician will tell you the best course of action for any AC issue you may have.

Replace the Air Filter Regularly

Your air filter can get clogged up as it accumulates dust and dirt. This limits the airflow in your AC, which makes your system work harder than it should. Extend the life of your unit and keep it functioning optimally by changing the air filter on a regular basis. Also, make sure that you’re always using the right air filter for your home.

Clear the Drain Line

Usually mounted over the furnace, the drain can be found by the indoor cooling coil. Take 1 cup of chlorine bleach and flush it down your air conditioning drain before rinsing it with a gallon of water. Doing so will keep your drain clear all throughout the summer. This is an important step if you want to save your basement from taking on water in case the drain gets blocked.

Increase Thermostat

Adjust your AC temperature by 5 to 8 degrees (up in the summer and down in the winter) to save energy and money. If you have a programmable thermostat, you can adjust the temperature automatically for different times of the day. Most programmable thermostats will also allow you to adjust the temperature in case you will be out of the house for several hours.

Clean the Outside Compressor

Most homeowners overlook the importance of keeping your condenser coils and compressor clean. If you get regular tune-ups to avoid costly air conditioning repair, this task is already included so you no longer need to worry about cleaning those parts by yourself.

Coils can get dirty, which means they will need to work harder than they should in order to effectively absorb heat. To clean condenser coils and the evaporator, use a garden hose. Just be careful not to get any electrical connections wet and cause more serious AC problems.

Your central air conditioning system is a modern luxury that cools your home when you need it the most. Unfortunately, the energy efficiency of air conditioners decrease over time, especially if you don’t care for them as you should.

Avoid paying a lot for air conditioning repair services by always keeping your cooling system well-maintained. This allows you to save money while enjoying an efficient AC unit all year round.

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