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Beyond the backyard barbecues, pool parties, and cute summer dresses, summer can be a pretty trying time for homeowners. Plumbing problems are especially frequent, and the oppressive heat can make them hard to deal with. It’s more trying when every house on your block has the same problem, and the consultants are tied up.

For a sweeter, stress-free summer, here are three common plumbing problems you may face during this season plus some tips on how to avoid them.

1. Clogged Toilets

This kind of plumbing problem is never met well. There’s a higher chance of it happening over the summer break because the whole family is home. Boredom sets in, and with it can come negligence. Sometimes kids will flush things down the toilet because they want something to do. Teenagers may forget bathroom etiquette and flush whole rolls of toilet paper down the drain.

Avoid this by keeping an eye on younger children whenever they head to the bathroom. When toddlers are restless, plop them in their playroom or take them outside. Print a list of things that do (and do not) flush easily and reiterate bathroom etiquette as needed.

And while we all hope for the best, make sure every bathroom in the house has a plunger, and that every adult (and teenager) knows how to use it.

2. Sprinkler Problems

Leaving the sprinklers on the whole day is just asking for trouble, especially after two full seasons of disuse. However, it’s pretty much unavoidable during the summer. It’s hot, the grass needs constant watering, and it provides a great outdoor activity for the kids. So you switch on your automatic sprinkler systems and hope for the best.

Unfortunately, bringing out your sprinklers also means bringing out the potential problems that come with them. Broken sprinkler heads can waste water, leading to a massive spike in your water bills. Since they’re not working properly, broken sprinkler heads may also deprive some areas of your lawn while simultaneously flooding the rest.

Avoid this by getting your sprinkler system, and sprinkler heads checked before summer sets in. Replace all broken sprinkler heads with functional models of the same make and brand.

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3. Overloaded Washing Machine

The more clothes you push into your washing machine, the harder it has to work. The harder it works, the higher the risk of it shorting out, overflowing, or malfunctioning due to overload. This can happen regardless of the season, but the likelihood of an overload happening increases during summer. And here’s why:

The summer heat causes everyone to sweat more. This means more stained clothes, more showers, and more outfit changes. Even though summer clothing is generally light and straightforward, it tends to pile up. If there are a lot of people in your home, chances are you’ll end up with more dirty clothes at the end of the week than your average washing machine can handle.

Avoid this by breaking up your laundry pile into smaller loads. This might mean having to do laundry twice or three times a week instead of once, but at least the sessions will be shorter. You should also regularly check the machine’s hoses for blockages or leaks. In the event of damaged hoses, immediately call a repair technician or plumber.

An ounce of prevention may be better than a pound of cure, but sometimes—despite your best intentions—the plumbing wins out. If you’ve done all you can to avoid these plumbing problems, but they still rear their ugly head, don’t subject yourself to the unnecessary stress of trying to fix them. Call your local plumber and wait for them to fix the problem.

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