Affordable Plumbing Enzyme Drain Cleaner

Chemical enzyme drain cleaners are often used in households to get rid of clogs. These strong substances remove pipe obstructions effectively but they can damage your plumbing over time. Aside from producing harmful fumes, chemical drain cleaners may result in pipe deterioration if used on a regular basis.

Thankfully, there is a safer alternative to harsh chemicals for drains: enzymes. Enzyme drain cleaners work well in eliminating foul odor from pipes and removing clogs. Trusted and affordable plumbing companies suggest their clients choose this type of cleaner because it’s safer and better for the environment.


What is an Enzyme Drain Cleaner?

Unlike the traditional drain cleaner, enzyme drain cleaners do not have chemical content. Instead, it cleans drain pipes through a certain type of bacteria culture and concentrated enzymes that react to the presence of organic material. Such cleaners are designed to eliminate live organisms from pipes, including mold and mildew. This enzymatic drain cleaner can also break down other organic products like food particles.

How do Enzyme Cleaners Work?

There are bacteria or enzymes in these cleaners that feed on organic materials found in drain pipes. They can break down food waste, as well as different kinds of fungi that may be causing clogs. Once the organisms digest these waste products, they eventually reproduce and spread the good bacteria throughout your plumbing system.

Enzyme Drain Cleaner


Enzyme drain cleaners work well because they maintain the smooth flow of liquid inside your plumbing. While there are some clogs that cannot be removed by these drain cleaners, they can remove many kinds of obstructions.

This type of cleaner is also safe for you and your plumbing system, as well as your fixtures. Unlike strong chemicals, they create less impact but are still just as effective. They are also inexpensive and easy to use, which means affordable plumbing services are well within your reach.


Unfortunately, enzyme drain cleaners are not available in many stores. They also work slower compared to chemical cleaners and removing a clog may take you hours. Because they are organic, these cleaners tend to have a much shorter shelf life than chemical ones.

Notes on Drain Care

Whether you’re planning to try enzyme cleaners or you’re sticking to chemical ones, proper drain maintenance is the best way to avoid a clog. A plumbing system that’s well cared for protects you from unexpected repair costs and stress brought about by a stubborn clog.

One of the things you can do to prevent clogs is by using drain covers to keep debris from falling into the drain. Always run hot water through the pipes after each use and toss baking soda down the drain to get rid of foul odors.

There are many ways to get rid of that pesky clog in your drain. If you want a safer and greener option, you can use enzymatic drain cleaners that remove plumbing obstructions without the risk of damaging your pipes.

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However, wouldn’t it be so much better if you can prevent clogs altogether? We suggest you sign up for a maintenance plan with a reliable and affordable plumbing company. By doing so, you can be sure that your plumbing system will stay in good shape all year round.

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