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When you have been using your furnace for a long time, it’s easy to take it for granted and forget about regular maintenance. You hardly notice it when everything is running smoothly, right? But a heating unit should always be inspected for problems in order to avoid higher heating repair costs down the line.

Here are some of the most common heating problems that you can expect as your furnace gets older:

 1. Heater Blowing Out Cool Air

It’s normal for some heaters to blow out cool air before turning warm—similar to how hot water faucets work. It takes a while for them to warm up. But if the flow of cold air continues, you need to turn off the unit and check for blockages. This problem is often easily solved by cleaning any build-up of dirt.

2. Burning Smell

Do you smell something strange from your furnace? If there’s a sort of burnt smell emanating from the unit, it’s indicating a potential problem with the heating system. Turn your unit off immediately and call for professional help.

There are some cases, however, where the burning smell could be caused by dust build-up or a dirty air filter. For safety purposes, it’s still best to call a heating repair professional to address this issue.

3. No Maintenance

Furnaces and other machines that are used regularly need some TLC. They should be properly cleaned and maintained to avoid major problems and steep heating repair costs. Doing so also lengthens your heating unit’s lifespan.

A simple way to stop problems before they even get a chance to show up is by scheduling regular furnace maintenance.

4. Dirty Filters

Dirty air filters can result in heating system problems such as reduced airflow, malfunctioning limit switch, and reduced air quality due to dirt and pollen. Certain factors that contribute to clogged filters include having pets inside the home, the amount of pollution in the area surrounding your property, and how often you inspect your filters.

To avoid this issue, always make sure you have clean filters. Replace old ones regularly to keep the system running efficiently.

5. Not Enough Heat

Your main reason for buying a furnace is to get some heat in your home. But what should you do when the heating system isn’t producing the amount of heat you need?

If your ignition control or pilot light is on but you’re still not getting any heat, you may have a power or thermostat problems. A problem that’s more serious than that can only be solved by a heating repair technician.

6. Blower Motor Doesn’t Stop Running

If you hear your furnace running nonstop for a long period of time, then you may need to check your heating unit. First step: look at your thermostat. If it’s on high setting, try to turn it down. In most cases, the problem is due to the fact that the furnace has been working extra hard to meet higher demand for heat.

Heating systems benefit us a lot, especially during the cold winter months. If the aforementioned problems are making you worried about your furnace, relax! Take a deep breath. Our team of professionals is highly-skilled in heating repair and always ready to help you out! Contact a heating services provider now to schedule a visit.

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