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Water Heater Repair Tips

With the holidays come a lot of parties. For some of us, that means we need to find Plumbing Service Post Holiday. During the holiday season, you welcome more guests in your home than usual. The high traffic of people coming in and out of your property, however, can put a serious strain on your plumbing system.

Although the holidays can be quite rough for most households, there are many ways to refresh your plumbing once this time of the year comes to a close.

Here are a few things that help prevent serious plumbing issues from ruining your entire year.

Visual Inspection

Look for any signs of cracks, stains, or leaks that were not there before your guests come over. Inspect the hardware in your garbage disposal, kitchen, and bathroom.

Are there weird noises coming from your garbage disposal when you turn it on? If there’s something that seems off, call your local plumber and have it checked.

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Professional Drain Cleaning

Your Post-Holiday Checklist Of Plumbing ServicesYour home plumbing needs some TLC every now and then. Schedule a professional drain cleaning after the holidays to clear things out and give your drains a break they deserve. This plumbing service will also help you save from a lot of hassle in the long run as you prevent issues such as leaks and clogs.

Refill Water Softener

Having more visitors means you will consume more water than you would on a typical day. This would also entail that you’ve done a number on your water softener, and you will need to refill it with salt. The amount you should allocate depends on the brine tank size and how much water has been used, so don’t forget to inspect it once you are back home.

Clean Garbage Disposal

Your Post-Holiday Checklist Of Plumbing ServicesDespite many attempts to make everyone follow your garbage disposal rules, there are still chances that some won’t listen. Fortunately, garbage disposal cleaning is easy. Just disconnect the disposal’s main power line and look inside using a flashlight. Try to find objects that shouldn’t be there, then use a set of tongs to remove any debris. A word of caution: never stick your hand inside the disposal even if it’s unplugged.

Throw some ice cubes inside the unit before reconnecting it. Turn the disposal on and allow it to chop up the ice cubes as you run water down the drain. This removes any grime buildup in the blades. Pour a mixture of vinegar and baking soda, let it sit for at least 15 minutes, and rinse it thoroughly with running water. This household cleaner is safer for your disposal than those harsh and caustic chemicals that could damage your pipes.

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Getting Plumbing Services Post Holiday

Failing to maintain your pipes can have serious consequences. For instance, misuse of filters can expose you to high levels of lead. Other problems may occur if you don’t refresh your plumbing after going home for the holidays.

When hosting guests for this holiday season, you shouldn’t feel like you’re on your own. Contact your trusted plumbing experts who can provide all the plumbing services that you need. From kitchens, bathrooms, to other parts of your home, a reliable plumber will keep everything smoothly running so you can make the most out of your vacation.

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