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We have expertise in gas line installation and repair for your home or business. We provide free estimates, 24/7 emergency service, and use only industry-leading products.

When you think about it, plumbing tasks that involve your gas line can be quite scary. After all, you’re dealing with a highly-flammable substance and siphoning it right into your home. That’s why most people call for plumbing services to make sure their gas lines are handled in a proper and safe manner.

There aren’t a lot of gas line accidents recorded in the United States – and that’s a good thing. Gas appliances are manufactured so they can be used safely – but of course, only when they are operating the way they should. That can only happen if you let professionals handle gas line repair and installation.

In this blog, we’ll go into more detail on why it’s best to let the pros handle your gas lines in any way.

Potential Hazards of DIY Gas Line Repair

One safety hazard you can encounter with going DIY is carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. A byproduct of natural gas, CO can be lethal if inhaled for a long period of time. Professionals protect you from this danger by using special equipment made to detect CO in your property.

Additionally, there is the possible danger of a natural gas leak. Trying to repair your own gas line may be cheaper but you don’t have the correct tools or necessary experience to seal your pipes perfectly. Even digging in certain areas where there may be lines is not safe. Therefore, only certified and trained professionals should tinker with your gas lines.

DIY Gas Line Installation: Is it Safe?

A common reason why many homeowners opt for a DIY gas line installation is that they think it’s just a simple household task. We get it–you’ve already done a handful of repairs at home so why is the gas line installation going to be any different, right? Or maybe, you’ve already spent so much money on your home improvement, and you’ve figured out that doing the gas line yourself can help you save a few bucks.

Although you will likely save money with DIY gas line installation, it’s not worth the risk. Setting up new lines leading to the existing gas line system can be a huge challenge, and you need to determine how these additions are going to work with your appliances. Only an expert can execute this task without endangering the people in your home.

It’s worth noting that different materials are used for installing a gas line. A professional will know how and when to use these materials because they have the knowledge and expertise in various plumbing services.

Keep Your Gas Line Safe with Plumbing Services

Regular maintenance is necessary to keep your gas lines up and running. Don’t wait for your lines to get damaged before calling for plumbing services. If the lines are routinely checked, you’ll never have to deal with the consequences of a broken natural gas line.

Do you have new gas lines to set-up, old ones to move, or damaged ones to repair? Schedule plumbing services instead of trying to do the tasks by yourself. Trusted local plumbers can offer you the highest quality of service at a reasonable price. Plus, you avoid the headache of voided warranties and insurance coverage issues when you call for plumbing services.

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