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A broken furnace is double the trouble during winter. That’s why regular furnace maintenance and repair is vital to keep your home warm, cozy, and comfortable when you need it the most. As a new homeowner, it can be hard to spend money on emergency repairs. Fortunately, you can prevent the need for them by doing these maintenance tasks. Check out some valuable furnace servicing tips for new homeowners below.

Change Your Filters Regularly

Dirty filters prevent sufficient airflow and contaminate a new home’s indoor air quality. So, check and clean the filters to ensure proper airflow on a regular basis. Neglecting this step will eventually lead to a furnace breakdown. So, replace filters whenever it’s necessary. You may also refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations on when to replace the filters.

Check the Pilot Light

The furnace’s pilot light should always be lit. As you use your furnace, carefully read the manual in detail before relighting it. Check for leaks before relighting it. If you find any leaks, switch off the furnace and contact professional repair service providers.

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Clean the Thermostat and Repair the Batteries

You also have to replace the thermostat batteries from time to time. Clean the dirt and dust away from the thermostat using a dry cloth or a soft brush to remove any buildup.

Clean the Drainage Tubes

Using propane or a natural gas furnace leaves some water as a by-product. This moisture typically becomes steam. But sometimes water will drain out into a drip pan. Make sure the drainage tubes remain clear and clean since backed up moisture can damage the flame sensor. Compressed air is recommended to clean the drainage tube. You can also use white vinegar and other mild cleaning products to clear any residue.

Perform Regular, Thorough Inspections

For your furnace inspections, the burner flames should be even and blue. The thermostat wires should also be securely attached. The flame sensor also needs to be regularly cleaned using emery cloth to ensure continued operation. Not all homeowners are capable of conducting comprehensive furnace inspections, so you may also hire a professional HVAC maintenance company to get this sorted out.

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Have a Proper Understanding of the Furnace Repair System

Most furnaces are either electric or natural gas. You can also find other heating systems, for instance, radiant floors, propane, a heat pump, and geothermal heating. Learn more about the system you have in your home so you can spot when things go wrong. Although it can seem confusing, this will help you prevent the need for emergency repairs.

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Safety comes first. Regular maintenance is not only cheaper than emergency repairs, it also ensures your home is safer. If you think you need extra support for your furnace tune-up or repair, Shepherd’s Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning is here to help. Our team of technicians has the skills, knowledge and expertise to work on your furnace concerns. Schedule a furnace inspection today by calling us at (650) 861-4995.

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