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The good news is there’s something to solve that particular problem: a recirculation systems.

On chilly mornings, the first things you want after getting out of bed are steaming hot coffee and a hot shower ASAP. However, waiting for a few minutes for the shower to warm up can be quite frustrating. You might even consider calling for plumbing services in hopes of addressing this issue.

What is a recirculation system?

A recirculation pump is a device that basically gives you instant hot water. Installed at the point of water distribution, it circulates heated water through your home continuously in order to eliminate or reduce the delay of hot water reaching the water fixture as you turn it on.

These systems are typically set up in homes with many family members or large buildings where hot water delays are not acceptable. The only drawback of this system? It can consume high levels of energy if the pipes are not properly insulated.

How to ensure energy-efficiency with your system?

Trying to keep the water hot may require using too much energy, so here are two ways you can improve the energy efficiency of your home’s recirculation system:

1) Use a hot water-demand pump.

The key to maintaining hot water throughout your home while being energy-efficient is by using a hot water demand pump. With this device, you only get hot water when you trigger the pump, which can often be done through a motion sensor or a button.

The recirculation pump then automatically turns on and off as the hot water makes its way to the shower or faucet. This allows you to save more energy when heating water.

2) Put a timer on the system.

There are instances when you don’t really need a lot of hot water. For instance, you may be getting ready for school or work and only a minimal amount of hot water is needed. A timer allows you to schedule the pump to work only when it will be used. In this way, you can significantly reduce your home’s energy usage.

What are the benefits of a recirculation system?

Aside from producing hot water instantly, recirculation systems keep the pipes throughout any building warm. This prevents them from freezing over when outside temperatures take a dip. If your water heater system is gas-powered, a recirculation pump helps you save money on water and electric costs. Greater efficiency is also maintained because such a system is designed to be easier to repair compared to a traditional water tank.

Calling for Plumbing Services: Who Should Install this System?

If you don’t have professional experience when it comes to plumbing services, it’s always best to have a professional install the system. While it is not difficult to install the pump compared to other home appliances, it’s better to have a trained and certified individual handle your plumbing system.

If you want a recirculation system for your home, you can find them in most home stores or standalone stores of their manufacturers. Once you get the system, call for plumbing services to have it installed. Look for plumbing companies with a specialization in the installation of modern water heaters for best results.

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