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Properly maintained boilers typically last from ten to fifteen years. If you are thinking of replacing your old device, it is vital to ensure that you’re choosing the right replacement for your home and your needs. Would you consider a gas boiler or decide to purchase an electric boiler?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Electric Boilers

Electric Boilers Vs. Gas Boilers: Which Should You Choose?Electric boilers are efficient because you do not need an exhaust flue. They do not produce waste gases that are released into the air. Waste gases carry heat as well, which reduces the amount of heat that should be utilized in your home. This makes electric boilers 99 percent efficient, using most of the energy they produce to make your home warm and cozy.

Electric boilers are space savers. Electric boilers are compact and can be installed in an available space in your home. They do not have to be installed near an outside wall, and they do not have fuel tanks either. You can place them in a more strategic location according to your family’s needs.

As electric boilers do not have moving parts, their operation is quiet. It’s just that they will not work when there is a power outage.

For maintenance, electric boilers are far easier to maintain than gas boilers. They do not need annual boiler repair and maintenance. You can keep the boiler free from dust and dirt, and it’s almost maintenance-free.

However, your electricity consumption will be higher. Moreover, the heating capacity of an electric boiler is lower. So, if you have a big home, you may need to install several gas boilers to supply adequate heat around your home.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Gas Boilers

Electric Boilers Vs. Gas Boilers: Which Should You Choose?A gas boiler is more efficient than an oil boiler. With a natural gas boiler, you do not have to store oil. It connects to the main natural gas line. Natural gas burns cleaner, so you reduce the emission of waste gases. The boiler can produce enough heat to keep your house warm.

However, a gas boiler unit is more expensive. The installation cost is on the high side, as well. If you do not have a gas line, the installation can increase exponentially, depending on the distance of your house from the main gas line.

A major inconvenience is the gas boiler service since the boiler needs regular maintenance for it to run efficiently and extend its life.

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Need for a Boiler Versus Cost

Your decision between the two types of boilers will depend on your geographic location, the cost of the boiler, and the amount of heat you require to keep your home warm. If you are off the gas line grid, your option is to get an electric boiler, which is cheaper, easier to install, and can be connected to your main electrical outlet.

Meanwhile, if you have a big house with several family members, and residing in an area with chilly winters, it might be better to install a gas boiler instead of installing several electric boilers to generate the amount of heat you need. After all, always prioritize your needs and preferences.

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