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Common Summer Ac Issues

When it comes to keeping an air conditioner working as good as new, maintenance is key. It might require some extra knowledge about the anatomy of an air conditioner and a bit of dexterity, but being able to perform basic air conditioner repair in your own home is totally worth it. In this article, we will discuss a few common summer AC issues that occur and how to fix them – so you can stay prepared when issues arise!

Air Conditioner Repair For Common Summer AC Issues

Leaky Air Ducts

Temperature changes can cause HVAC ducts to expand and contract. In summer, hot and arid weather will likely cause the ducts to expand – this can put unnecessary stress on the joints and cause leaks. If you notice an unusually high power bill, your AC taking a long time to reach the desired temperature, or suspect reduced air flow, check the accessible parts of the ducts for air leaks.

Check for it: Inspect the areas where ducts join together, bend, or connect. Place your hand over the metal while the system is running. If you feel cool air on your hand, there is an air leak.

Fix it: Leaky ducts can be sealed with foil-faced duct tape or sealant. Of course, if this DIY fix doesn’t solve the issue, a professional air conditioner repair technician should take a look at it.

Grimy Filter

Your AC works the hardest during summer. To keep your home cool and comfortable, the AC pulls a great quantity of air through the filter to be cooled and recirculated. All of the dust, dirt, dander, and allergens from the air are trapped by the filter. When this grime builds up, air flow is restricted. Your AC is forced to work significantly harder, which can lead to an increased utility bill.

Check for it: First, you will need to find the filter. On most models, the filter is behind a cover where the return ducts enter the air handler. Otherwise, it may be behind a return air grill nearby. It will be apparent if the filter is dirty: it should be opaque or only semi-transparent when held up to the light. If you can’t see through it, air can’t pass through it.

Fix it: Some AC units have reusable, washable filters. If this is the case, wash the filter in hot soapy water until it rinses clean. Otherwise, use a replacement filter and dispose of the dirty one.

Fan Issues

Standard AC units have two fans: one that blows indoor air over the evaporator coils (which cool the air down), and one that blows air over the outdoor condenser so that hot air can be released outside. If even one fan breaks, your AC’s functioning is impaired.

Check for it: Malfunctions with AC fans are usually due to electrical issues, but they can also arise from worn belts, motor problems, lack of lubrication, or a faulty compressor contactor.

Fix it: This air conditioner repair problem is best entrusted to a professional technician.

Need Air Conditioner Repair?

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