Kitchen Remodel

Kitchens are often the focus of most American homes. It’s where you cook dishes for the whole family to enjoy, or where you gather loved ones for a hearty meal. No wonder, then, that remodeling a kitchen can drastically change your home’s atmosphere.

Regardless of the extent of the remodel, plumbing services are necessary to make sure everything goes well with your new and improved kitchen area. To help you plan ahead, here are the most common plumbing issues you might encounter during a kitchen remodel:

Ignoring the Flooring

Are you planning to install new kitchen flooring? Then this should be done first, as the process ensures you’ll have sufficient clearance for cabinets and other features. It also makes the installation faster and easier.

Don’t let yourself be caught in the trap of a new kitchen with old, dull flooring that will then be harder to replace. Schedule plumbing services so you’ll sure to get help from professionals.

Mismatching Pipes

Pipes that do not match are more susceptible to leaks, which could lead to corrosion and serious damage. The good news is that different pipes can be seamlessly fitted together; however, the process requires the knowledge of expert plumbers who can get the right fittings.

Additionally, you need pipes that are compatible with various features to prevent water pressure reduction. Only certified plumbers are equipped to deal with this matter, so it’s best to avoid DIY measures and let the pros handle this job.

Not Installing Vents

Another common plumbing issue in remodels is not installing vents when a new sink or other types of appliances are set up. A plumbing vent enables air and sewer gas to escape your home safely. It also allows oxygen to freely flow through the pipes and break down waste while keeping the right pressure in the drain.

Skipping vent installation during a kitchen remodel exposes your home to dangerous gases and fumes. To avoid costly damage, call for professional help.

Failing to Choose a Sink First

It’s normal for homeowners to focus more on features and cabinets when designing their kitchen. Unfortunately, there are times when the sink gets neglected and placed at the bottom of the priority checklist. Some would assume that the sink will work with any type of design.

But not thinking about the sink first can lead to so many hassles in the long run. Without a sink ready for installation, there might not be enough space so cabinets will likely be trimmed. If you seek advice from a plumber, they will recommend you choose a sink first. This ensures your kitchen remodel will go as smoothly as planned.

Only Trust Expert Plumbing Services

Smart homeowners know how important it is to get expert plumbing services, especially when tackling a kitchen remodel. While it may be tempting to get cheap plumbing services, it can actually disrupt the entire home improvement process.

Professional plumbers have the expertise to give your home plumbing that is not only functional but also safe. If you don’t hire the right people from the start, you are likely to encounter more plumbing issues down the road, making you spend more. So make sure to hire reliable and experienced service providers in your area, to avoid unnecessary extra expenses.

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