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Owning a central air conditioner is a wise investment for the comfort of your home. It is an investment you will likely have no regrets about. Although, you have to pick the best model for your space. Consider the type of unit you want, as it will impact the central air conditioner cost. Commonly purchased models include the split-system air conditioner, packaged air conditioner, and ductless air conditioners. A good model will come with the right components and may reduce energy expenses in the long run. Read on to learn more.

Upfront Costs

Yes, the central air conditioner cost may be more upfront than individual wall units. However, if you have more space to cool, a central air conditioner can actually save you money over time. Central air conditioners vary in price from one model to the next, so conduct some research to find a model that is right for your needs and budget.

Regardless of the type, brand, and price of the air conditioning system you choose, it’s worth knowing how a central air conditioner works. Do central air conditioners really reduce costs? There are some important factors to consider when making this calculation.


The more you plan on using your central air conditioner, the more worthwhile the cost will be. If you live in a warm climate where air conditioning is used year round, this may be an incentive to purchase a central AC. Or, maybe you live in a cooler or more temperate climate. If you like the indoor temperature to be consistent and cool year round, you still may benefit from a central air conditioning unit.

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Area of Cooling

A good rule of thumb is that a central air conditioner uses as much energy as three window units. If you are planning to cool three rooms or more, buying a central AC unit is definitely worthwhile. The bigger the area you plan to cool, the more worthwhile the central air conditioner cost becomes.

Obviously, energy costs money to use. So, the more rooms you plan to cool, the more a central air conditioner can reduce costs. A central air conditioner is more worthwhile as the area of space you wish to cool increases.

Once you purchase your central air conditioner, reduce your energy bills even further by making sure your central air conditioner is working properly each day. As with any air conditioning unit, maintain your equipment. Keep the ducts clean and free from any dirt and debris, and use the energy saver button whenever possible. Change the air filters regularly, and upgrade to a new unit if the one you have is old or inefficient.

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