Why Your Basement has Musty Smell and How to Fix It

Most basements are going to have an unpleasant, musty smell to them. Some basement odors can be resolved, and others can only be made better, depending […]

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DIY: How to Make Your Water Heater Last with Annual Maintenance

Most water heaters are tucked away in garages or attics out of sight and out of mind until something goes wrong. Rather than perform maintenance on […]

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Furnace Not Working? Here’s How to Diagnose Common Problems

Just because your furnace isn’t working doesn’t mean you should call a maintenance specialist to your home right away. There are apparent causes for a furnace […]

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I Smell Gas. What Should I Do?

If you have a gas leak in your home, you’ll know it fast by the scent of rotten eggs. Possible appliances that could be leaking gas […]

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