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Is Spring A Good Time For Annual Air Conditioning Repair And Maintenance Service?

Flowers are starting to bloom again and the air is getting warmer. Spring is certainly on its way after a cold winter, which means both humans and homes are getting prepared for rejuvenation. As you get ready for a seasonal change, you need to take certain steps to make sure your commercial or residential property is in the best condition.

Pre-spring or early spring is the most ideal time to set air conditioning repair and maintenance. If your AC unit was significantly affected by the unforgiving winter season, any problems can be reversed by some TLC during the spring.

With proper AC maintenance, you get a 60 to 90-minute inspection and cleaning done by a trained professional. Bi-annual HVAC tune-ups are advised for most homeowners: one in the spring for your cooling system and one in the fall for your heating system.

Still not sure if you should get air conditioning repair and maintenance this coming spring? Listed below are benefits that could help change your mind.

1. Increase the Efficiency and Extend the Lifespan of Your Unit

Bi-annual maintenance could increase the lifespan of your HVAC unit by up to 50%. On average, an ordinary cooling system should last about 15 years. If there are cost-effective maintenance plans in place, you can get at least an extra 5 years for your unit.

However, if you neglect professional maintenance each year, you could experience serious damage before the system could even hit its tenth year.

Routine maintenance is not only known for extending the lifespan of your system, but it also makes the system even more efficient. That’s because routine tune-ups can actually improve efficiency by up to 25%.

2. Reduce Monthly Energy Bill

Are you trying to lower your utility bills this 2019? Then consider bi-annual tune-ups. Aside from preventing your bills from blowing up, it also keeps your unit up-to-date.

The better your system is working, the more reliable the unit will be – especially when the warm season hits. Remember, more dirt and build-up in your unit means an increased likelihood of costly repairs.

3. Maintain Warranties from the Manufacturer

If you don’t get regular HVAC maintenance, the manufacturer may void warranties associated with your system. The reason behind this is that both manufacturers and technicians know the value of regular maintenance. Apart from changing old filters every one to three months, you also need to maintain records of your routine maintenance calls.

Additionally, an AC manufacturer may choose to void your warranty if the unit or any other part of it was not installed properly. The warranty will also be voided if off-brand replacement parts were used.

4. Prevent Frequent Air Conditioning Repair

Air conditioning maintenance done by trained technicians will certainly lessen the need for repairs. With regular maintenance, you can spare your AC units from frequent breakdowns.

Any air conditioning repair will almost always be more expensive than any preventative maintenance would have been. The purpose of tune-ups is to catch any issues and fix them before they become more serious.


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