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Air Conditioning Service San Jose Ca

This is also the perfect opportunity to get air conditioning service San Jose. They will be rarely used during this season, giving you the opportunity to have them checked and serviced minus the hassles.

Winter time is fun and exciting. You get to enjoy the holidays with friends and families as you explore the snow-covered outdoors. Hot meals are served to add warmth to the season as you enjoy games, or simply downtown time at the comfort of your homes.

However, as you gather together with the rest of the family this season, you can also look forward to increased utility bills, given the fact that more people are staying at home and enjoying the warmth of the indoors. Repairs are also quite common during this time of the year including but not limited to drainage, plumbing, and air conditioning repair.

Winter can be quite very challenging for your electric bills. Heaters, electric blankets and frequent hot showers add up a few hundred dollars to a household’s electric bill. 

Efficient Energy Use to Reduce Your Electric Bill This Winter

In fact, heating costs account for half of the average energy consumption of American homes during the winter season. To cut costs on your energy bills, here are some tips you can practice during the cold season.

Turn It Off

Turn off your air conditioning units and the lights that are not in use. Unplug all appliances too. These little changes can save you a few dollars on your energy consumption during the holidays. Make an effort to unplug your appliances after every use. Computer and phone chargers also draw energy even when you are not charging anything. Consider it as a way to reduce clutter around your home too.

Use Energy Efficient Light Bulbs and Appliances

Invest in energy efficient versions of your appliances as well as lighting fixtures. In fact, this is something you should be doing all throughout the year. The amount of money you spend in upgrading your home appliances and fixtures into more energy efficient ones will help you save a great deal on your electric bill in the long run. Such types of fixtures last longer than more expensive lighting fixtures and appliances.

Adjust Your Thermostat

Heating is one of the main energy consumers in your homes during the winter season. To lower your energy consumption take time to adjust your thermostat, depending on the time of the day. This requires effort. You may have to adjust the temperature by one to two degrees during day time when the weather is less cooler. You can use space heaters inside bedrooms, rather than a central heating system to be able to reduce your consumption. 

Additionally, consider wearing socks and comfortable coats and jackets to keep yourself warm without having to turn the  heat up on your thermostats. If your budget allows it, a programmable thermostat would cut the process of having to constantly check the temperature and adjusting your heaters. Programmable thermostats allow you to preset temperatures for particular times of the day, helping you reduce your electric bill not only during winter but throughout the year.

Get Your HVAC Systems Checked Before Winter

Lost energy, mostly unused, still adds up to your energy consumption and your electric bill. Thus, it would be best to have a HVAC check up before winter. Have an HVAC replacement near me if necessary to address issues in your system.


Seal Up Air Leaks

Heat escaping from your home is referred to as drafts. When hot air escapes your home, your thermostat works double time to be able to supply your indoors with warm air. To avoid this, use caulk and weather-stripping to seal air leaks. The areas where warm air can potentially escape is found in your windows and exterior doors. Electrical outlets, AC units, and light fixtures can also be areas where heat can escape. Check the gaps in these areas and your home insulation to avoid air leaks.

Lastly, you need to winter proof your home, before the winter season to avoid unexpected surprises during the snow season. Attending repairs during wintertime can be expensive, especially with the outside weather as a hindrance in doing repairs faster and more efficiently. Follow the tips above and you’ll get to enjoy a few hundred dollars in savings that can be saved up or allocated for the holidays.

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