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Air Conditioner Theft,

Air conditioner theft is an issue that probably never crosses the minds of most law-abiding people. Still, scrap metal theft will keep happening as long as there are people willing to take a risk to make a quick buck. Taking simple preventative measures to protect your AC from theft now can save you thousands of dollars and a massive headache later on. Experts on air conditioning service that enhances the security of your AC unit is step one.

Of all the valuable things available to steal, you might wonder why your AC unit is even desirable to a thief. The answer is scrap metal: the copper, aluminum, and other metals in your air conditioner can be sold for as little as twenty dollars. This meager sum pales in comparison to the potential thousands of dollars you spent on installing and maintaining it, which is why it can be so infuriating when your unit gets stolen.

Here are a few key strategies to upping the security around your outdoor air conditioning unit to prevent theft.

The Problem: Your AC Unit is Exposed to Air Conditioner Theft

Easy access to your AC unit creates an opportunity for a thief. If you have no visible security measures on your outdoor AC unit, you are sending an invitation to scrap metal seekers poking around in your neighborhood.

The Solution: Air Conditioner Security Cage

You wouldn’t leave a bowl of candy in front of a toddler, would you? Air conditioner security cages are the scrap-metal theft equivalent of putting the candy bowl out of reach on a high countertop. A prominent security feature, such as a sturdy cage surrounding your AC unit, is a strong theft deterrent because the physical barrier makes accessing your air conditioning unit time-consuming and difficult. Since most petty theft crimes are spur-of-the-moment and impulsive, barriers to immediate access are key. Security cages can cost as little as $300, but they offer significant protection. The twenty-or-so dollars worth of scrap metal that a thief would get from taking your air conditioner apart wouldn’t be worth the time and risk of getting caught while taking apart the security cage.

The Problem: Darkness and Poor Visibility

Thieves don’t like to get caught. Darkness is the perfect natural hiding place, so it’s no secret that so many criminals operate during the night. If your property offers extra hiding places in the form of bushes, trees, walls, fences, or barriers, some thieves may be attracted to the anonymity it offers—especially during the night. An air conditioning service company can take a look at your setup and make recommendations.

The Solution: Motion Detecting Lights

Motion detecting lights are inconvenient for thieves: when these lights sense movement, they switch on and illuminate the area, destroying the protective cover of darkness. As inconvenient as they are for thieves, though, motion detecting lights are very convenient for you. They’ll automatically light your path when you have to step outside for a quick nighttime errand, like taking out the trash or locking your car.

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