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Imagine this – it’s a hot sunny day. You’ve been working hard outside all afternoon and all you can think about is going back home to relax in your air-conditioned home. But once you reach the house you encounter a malfunctioning AC unit that’s not functioning correctly. What can you do? Well, there are some common AC problems that can be easily identified. Once you are able to identify a problem, you are more likely to be able to solve it. Read on to learn more about common air conditioner problems and solutions.

Common Air Conditioner Problems and Solutions

Dirty Air Filters

No matter how clean the air is where you live, your air conditioning unit filters debris. Over time, your filters may become clogged. A blocked air filter will cause various problems, like restricted airflow, lack of cooling, and a shortened life span for your AC system. Blocked air filters can also hinder your air conditioner’s ability to effectively cool your home, so they can actually result in higher energy consumption and, thus, higher utility bills. This is because your air conditioning system will need to work harder to be effective. Energy consumption may increase 5% – 15% and utility bills may increase proportionately.

So what’s the solution? It’s actually easy to avoid this type of AC problem. Open your AC manual and go over the instructions on how to remove your AC air filters. If you have washable filters, rinse them under a faucet or with a low-pressure water hose. Wash them until all the dust is cleaned and leave them out to dry. Once dry, insert them back into your air conditioning system and switch the unit on. Replace or clean your air filters at least once per month, or when indicated for your unit.

Won’t Turn On

Sometimes, your air conditioner may not turn on. This can happen for a variety of reasons.

This is usually easier AC problems and solutions. There are two things you could do for a home air conditioner repair. First, try to change the batteries in your thermostat or AC remote control. Sometimes this will solve the problem. The second thing you can do is check the power supply to your air conditioning unit. If you’re experienced in electrical matters, you could open your home electrical panel and check for a tripped breaker. If you find a tripped breaker, switch the breaker back on and see if your air conditioner works.

Not Cooling

If your air conditioner is not cooling, it may mean that you might be low on refrigerant. There could be two causes for this problem. You may have a leak in the system. Alternatively, you may simply be low on coolant. A leak is bad for the environment and should be fixed immediately.

If your refrigerant is leaking, check your outdoor unit if it is accessible to you. You might be able to hear the sound of air escaping near the unit. For either of these issues, it is best to contact a trained professional to fix these issues for you.

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Call a Professional

When you need professional assistance with AC problems and solutions for your air conditioning unit, give us a call. At SPHAC, we provide Diamond certified HVAC services and can conduct any repair you need with skill and efficiency. Contact us by phone or online for more information. Our technicians look forward to serving you.

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