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Air Conditioner Repair And Maintenance Do'S And Don'Ts

You may live in a climate where your air conditioner is in use year-round. Alternatively, you may not need to start up your air conditioner unit in the winter season. But in order to ensure that the unit will still work properly during the hottest months, it’s important to make sure that you maintain it throughout the year. Maintenance will help your air conditioner remain in proper working condition and will lessen the amount of repair work you need to pay for. When it comes time to maintain or repair your air conditioner, here are some dos and don’ts to be aware of.

Maintenance Do’s

Clean the Air Filter

Air filters ensure that the air you’re breathing from your air conditioning unit is fresh and filtered. If these filters are blocked, the flow of air coming in will be dirty or obstructed. A good rule of thumb is to clean your air filters once a month. Refer to the user manual for your specific model for details on how.

Clean the Outside Coils

The outside coils of your air conditioning unit are very important. To keep your unit in good working order, these coils should be cleaned regularly. The coils can become blocked by leaves or dust. Clean them according to the instructions that came with your particular unit.

Inspect Your AC’s Ducts

To maintain your air conditioning unit, you should occasionally inspect its ducts. The ducts in your air conditioning unit carry cool air. They also suck out the hot air from your rooms. Since they’re such an important element of the unit, special attention should be given to maintaining them. You should also inspect whether your air conditioning unit’s ducts have any leaks.

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Maintenance Don’ts

Don’t Try to Clean The Evaporator Coils

You should never try to clean the evaporator coils of your air conditioning unit. This is a risky job that should only be completed by a professional.

Don’t Try to Seal Your Air Conditioning Unit’s Ducts

Occasionally, the ducts of an air conditioning unit may develop leaks. However, sealing the leaks is a complicated process. This is another job it’s best to always leave to the professionals.

Don’t Apply Water to Clean Your Air Conditioning Unit

Water applied indiscriminately can damage parts of your air conditioning unit. Water can also cause short-circuits. Refer to your user manual or contact a professional to learn more about how to properly clean your AC unit.

Repair Do’s

Check the Thermostat

In the event that your air conditioning unit is experiencing a malfunction, it may be wise to check your thermostat. Contact a professional for more information about your air conditioning unit and thermostat if either is not functioning properly.

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Change the Air Filter

If your air conditioning unit is not working properly, you can try repairing the air filter for your unit.

Change the Condenser Fan

Sometimes, the condenser fan for your air conditioning unit requires repair work. In this case, contact a professional.

Repair Don’ts

Don’t Try to Inspect Strange Sounds

If your air conditioning unit is producing strange noises, then you should not open your air conditioning unit. This is a strictly professional job that requires an expert.

Don’t Open Your Air Conditioning Unit Without Proper Tools

Do not open your air conditioning unit under any circumstance. This can damage your air conditioning unit. Leave this to an AC unit specialist.

Don’t Try to Change Your Air Conditioning Unit Capacitors and Contactors

The capacitors and contactors in your air conditioning unit are connected to high voltage. Do not try to replace them because it can be dangerous. Leave this to a professional service provider.

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