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7 Tools For Advanced Plumbing Services

Handling small metal gadgets and taking things apart, along with reassembling them, is just another aspect of plumbing services. What makes plumbing jobs easier is having the right plumbing tools. There are numerous tools that can help get the job done, but some advanced plumbing tools are superior because it’s what they were specifically designed for. Here’s a list of 7 such tools for advanced plumbing services.

Sink Auger

Clearing and breaking up stubborn clogs in sink drains and tubs are easier with the help of a sink auger. This tool features a flexible cable of stainless steel that has a corkscrew tip at its end. The cable is wrapped within a drum canister, allowing it to further extend into a drain in order to reach and clear clogs. The drum features a handle, while a thumbscrew locks the flexible cable to the canister. Inserting the cable into the drain and turning the handle makes the rotating drum snake the cable through various bends in the drain pipe. This allows the cable tip to not only penetrate all the clogs, but also easily remove them.

Hydro-Jetting Machine

The main culprit behind clogged drains and a contaminated water supply may be a blockage in the sewer lines or plumbing. In this case, hydro-jetting machines can come to the rescue. This high-pressure water machine can get rid of even the most persistent clogs and accumulated debris. Advanced plumbing services use these machines to clear grease or sludge from pipes, while getting rid of soap residue, trapped hair, and more. Unlike rodding, where a tool is used to make a hole through the debris, hydro-jetting machines ensure a comprehensive cleaning of the plumbing pipes. At the same time, it can resolve scale and mineral buildup, as well as tree roots that have infiltrated sewer drains. This is a common issue for homeowners.

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Flex Shaft Drain Cleaning Machines

One of the most advanced tools, high-speed flex shaft drain cleaning machines are a more recent innovation to plumbing technology. This machine mainly features chain knockers that are attached to a cordless drill-powered flexible cable. These drain cleaning machines allow plumbing services to clear pipes very efficiently and quickly.

Soldering Torch

The purpose of a precision soldering torch is to form water-tight seals on pipes. When it comes to the gas used, going for MAPP gas or MAPP gas substitutes, instead of propane, may make for a safer choice.

Drain Inspection Camera

Drain and Sewer Inspection cameras are essential to advanced plumbing service technology. They allow for a thorough inspection of the inside of pipes and sewer lines. These systems offer portability, high-def video, long-lasting batteries, and self-leveling camera heads.

PEX Plumbing Tools

PVC and copper pipes used in plumbing are gradually being replaced with pipes made of PEX or cross-linked polyethylene. The material comes with a broad range of benefits, including direct pipe routes, flexibility, easier installation, and greater water pressure. It’s also rust-proof and affordable. Introducing PEX into service offerings may require a few specialty plumbing tools, including PEX pipe expanders, and a PEX crimper.

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Metal Detectors

A metal detector is a super handy tool that works wonders when it comes to making complicated plumbing tasks easy. A metal detector can help to locate well casing, buried iron, and steel objects, such as manhole covers, valve boxes, pipes, reinforced septic tanks, and more.

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