Ac Repair

Any well-maintained air conditioning unit should be quiet. If you think your AC is making a strange sound of any kind, you may need to find the root cause of it and call for AC repair. Doing so will help you avoid an unexpected breakdown during the hot summer months, and keep your air conditioner running efficiently. This means lower utility bills and a higher level of comfort at home.

Below is a list that may seem like a horror movie soundtrack, but is actually a rundown of all the weird noises an AC can make if something’s not right.

1. Gurgling or bubbling

When you hear a bubbling sound, the first thing that often comes into mind is the sound of water from a fountain.

If you hear the same sound from your AC, it’s actually the complete opposite of relaxing. A possible cause of gurgling or bubbling in your system could be a refrigerant leak. Be sure to call a professional for help if you start hearing this sound from your unit.

2. Screaming

Machines making a scream-like noise should be checked ASAP. A screaming sound coming from your AC is a clear sign that there is a build-up of pressure in your air conditioner. This can be very dangerous if not addressed immediately. Turn off your AC until a technician advises you that it’s safe to use it again.

3. Buzzing or humming

An air conditioner with a failed capacitor or blower motor can lead to a buzzing or humming sound. Do you hear this sound when your AC system is running? Then the problem might be in the system’s motor. If the system won’t turn on, the reason might be due to a failed capacitor. Once you start hearing this sound, give your trusted technician a call as soon as possible.

4. Rattling vents

Air ducts and vents work by delivering cooled air into your home. While they’re not considered a component of your AC unit, loose ducts can lead to excessive loss of conditioned air and abnormally high energy costs.

Clamoring or rattling sounds from the vents usually indicate loose ducts. This problem can be fixed with the use of metal tapes, but if you don’t want to take a risk and go DIY, it’s always best to get help from a professional.

5. Ticking

You may hear a clicking or ticking noise if an object is stuck inside the fan assembly found in your system’s outdoor cabinet. The clicking noise might be caused by the blades of fan striking the object continuously.

Before trying to remove the item yourself, be sure the air conditioner is turned off. Don’t forget to pull out the disconnect plug and turn off the unit’s thermostat as well.

Maintenance is Key

Hearing the above sounds are clear signs that you need AC repair. Remember, everything eventually breaks down and your AC unit is no exception. It’s a good thing, then, that you can take proactive measures to lengthen the life of your system. Avoid any catastrophic failures by scheduling regular maintenance for your air conditioning unit.

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