Ac Repair: How To Unclog Your Ac’s Drain Line In 8 Easy Steps

It may be challenging at first, but you can unclog your A/C’s drain line on your own. Simply follow these ac repair steps and you’re good to go. Many homeowners enjoy the benefit of having an AC unit, but not all of them really know how its drain line helps. The drain line works by getting rid of the condensation that builds up within your air conditioning unit. It carries any moisture to the outside of your home, which you have probably seen as a small trickle of water moving through a PVC pipe.

Over time, the drain line becomes clogged and results in water backing up into your system. It’s possible for your unit to stop working due to the obstruction.

The good news is that you don’t always need to call for AC repair when you encounter this problem. Drain line clogs are nothing to fear as long as you have some basic air conditioning repair know-how.

How to unclog the ac drain line

Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Turn off your air conditioning system.

Step 2: Locate the cleaning port.

Once you have turned off your AC, find the cleaning port to start unclogging the drain line. You may get a bucket to collect any condensation resting in your drain pan.

Step 3: Remove the cap of the cleaning port.

Step 4: Examine the clog.

Be sure to check the AC drain pipe and find any blockage. If you spot any obstructions, try to remove it manually with your hands while still wearing protective gloves. You can also a drainage snake for easier removal. Just remember to not push the clog further down the pipe.

Step 5: Use a mild cleaning solution on the drain line.

Mix a gentle cleaning solution with warm water and soap. Pour it carefully into the pipe and stop once it is full.

Step 6: Check the clog once again.

If you’re done pouring the mixture in, assess the clog again. If the solution does not flow down the line, the clog is still there. This means the blockage is too big for this method.

Step 7: Replace the ac drain line, and the cap of the cleaning port.

Step 8: Turn your air conditioning system on.

Take note that no two drain line problems are the same. It’s obviously easier to remove a small clog compared to a large one. Additionally, it can be difficult to determine the kind of clog you are working with. If you suspect that the problem goes beyond a clogged drain line, call for AC repair immediately.

Keeping Your Condensate Drain Line Clog-Free

Nobody wants to deal with a clogged condensate drain – ever. Preventing clogs in your air conditioning unit is quite simple, however, and can be done before the cooling season officially begins.

Every spring, pour a cup of bleach down the condensate drain from the inside. This prevents algae and mildew from growing in your AC drain line. You can locate your condensate drain line by checking your indoor unit and looking for a white PVC pipe that leads outdoors.

Maintaining your drain line lets you prevent serious AC problems that could result in costly air conditioning repair services.

If you’re not sure what to do, you can always seek help from a professional technician who’s licensed to fix conditioning units.

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