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Plumbing Installations

When going about your daily routine, you probably don’t think much about your plumbing system. Most people fail to realize the value of their network of sewer and water pipes until something goes wrong.

But did you know that giving your plumbing a little TLC can go a long way, especially with old plumbing installations? Proper maintenance won’t only prolong the system’s life, but also help prevent leaks, costly repairs, and frequent calls to plumbing services.

In this blog, we will be discussing some of the ways to properly care for your plumbing installations and keep them functioning optimally for a long time.

Look out for signs of leakage.

When there are leaking pipes, it’s usually a sign that there’s significant damage or corrosion along the line. Watch out for floor and wall warping, dripping fixtures, and wet cabinets as they are typical indications of a leak.

If you spot any of those things, call for plumbing services ASAP. This may be a simple issue for any home but in an old property, minor damage can turn into a serious one quickly.

Use a water softener.

If the water in your area has a high mineral content (often referred to as hard water), it may reduce the lifespan of your plumbing. The only way to prevent hard water from wreaking havoc in your pipes is by installing a water softener.

Modern electronic softeners dissolve minerals with the use of electromagnetic pulses, which is better if you don’t want to add sodium to your water supply. You’ll need plumbing services if you want to have a softener installed in your home.

Clear out your sewer lines or septic tank every few years.

For those with municipal sewers, we advise that you hire a local plumber to snake your main sewage cleanout at least once every few years. Doing so allows you to get rid of any tree roots that may have worked their way inside the pipes over time, which result in sewage backups. If you have a septic system, be sure to have it pumped out every three years.

Protect your pipes during colder months.

Old pipes tend to be weaker as they have already started to deteriorate. This makes them more prone to breakage during extremely cold weather. Once the temperature starts to dip, take precautionary measures to protect your pipes.

Aside from adding an extra layer of insulation, you can open cabinets that hide pipes from sight so they can get warm. It’s also a good idea to keep water running by opening taps, so you keep it from freezing within the pipelines.

Have a regular plumbing inspection.

If you have an old plumbing installation at home, nothing beats regular inspections to keep your system well-maintained. Have your drains and pipes checked regularly to make sure you don’t miss any problems that could get worse over time. Professional plumbers will see to it that your plumbing system continues functioning well and your drains stay clog-free.


If you experience any plumbing issue in your older home, the wisest and safest solution is to schedule plumbing services from a professional. Small problems can quickly become serious if not handled correctly, especially when it comes to older fixtures. You can also keep problems from happening by replacing old pipes should you plan on renovating an older property.

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