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A plumbing maintenance checklist for plumbing this fall that can help you maintain and improve your plumbing system.Pipes and other plumbing fixtures need to be inspected at least once every year to keep them in good working condition. Fall is the most ideal time to conduct plumbing maintenance as you prepare for the colder season. You have some time before the weather becomes too cold to do anything, so it’s the best time to handle certain tasks.

Plumbing maintenance is meant to reduce the likelihood of frozen, burst pipes and malfunctioning water heaters, preferably before winter sets in. Before calling for plumbing services, check out the fall plumbing maintenance checklist below.

Inspect water heater.

Water heaters need to be inspected each year to look for signs of wear and tear. Over time, minerals in your water can lead to sediment build-up, which could reduce its efficiency. The last thing you want is to not have any hot water when you need it the most. To get rid of any sediment in your water heater, call for plumbing services.

Also, since water heaters are prone to corrosion, your local plumber might recommend getting a replacement if yours is getting damaged by rust.

Check sealants.

Caulking around tubs and sinks should be checked regularly. An ideal waterproof sealant should be able to keep water from seeping into your sub-flooring.

Check your doors and windows to see if the caulking is still enough to reduce the loss of cooling or heating. And while you’re at it, check your dishwasher base and sink disposal to see if there’s sufficient water flow.

Fix leaking pipes ASAP.

Showers and toilets must be periodically checked for damage or leaks. While your fixtures are still working despite obvious symptoms of wear and tear, substantial dents, corrosion, and cracks should be a cause for concern. Any of those problems can be serious enough to prevent your plumbing from performing optimally.

In addition, keep an eye out for excessive drips, as these can often go unnoticed for a long time. Leaks can be detected through damp ceilings, wet spots on the floor, and wet walls.

Clear out drains and gutters.

Keep falling leaves from becoming a major obstruction by sweeping them out of your drains. Have a fixed schedule for clearing them out so water can flow freely through the gutters. Wet, decomposing leaves can lead to a serious blockage, which could result in burst pipes once they freeze in the winter.

Turn off outdoor faucets.

Before the winter cold starts, it’s important to shut off your outdoor faucets. Use a plastic or Styrofoam cap and cover them for protection. Always drain water hoses and store them before the winter season. For those who have automatic sprinklers, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to prepare them for the cold months.

Insulate outdoor pipes.

Exposed pipes should be protected at all times. Always check the unheated areas of your home, like garages and crawl spaces. If there are any water pipes, be sure to wrap them for insulation, to prevent them from freezing over. You can find the right insulation products for your pipes by visiting a local hardware shop.

Schedule Plumbing Services this Fall

Winter takes a toll on most commercial and residential plumbing systems. Thus, it’s essential to take the above steps so your property is well-prepared for the snowy months that are about to come. By investing time in these annual inspections, you’re sure to catch potential problems early and save yourself from costly repairs.

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