Furnace Repair

Replacing your furnace is not exactly a DIY job. Unless you have recent experience and expertise in HVAC installation and maintenance, you definitely need a professional to handle all your furnace replacement needs.

However, selecting the right HVAC contractor can be tricky. There are different factors to consider to make sure your system will be in good hands.  Before signing an agreement, you need to do your homework and check the contractor’s credibility, reputation, and actual services.

Here are a few tips to know what to look for when selecting the right contractor.

1. Check the company address

Most people fail to realize how telling a physical address can be regarding the company’s reliability and legitimacy. Even new contractors who are just starting out are happy to list their home address on their website or posting if they work out of their home address. It’s just good business etiquette. Moonlighters and fly-by-nights will most probably not list their address so that they can escape liability or culpability.

2. Get referrals.

The best way to find a trustworthy and reputable contractor for your furnace is through people you trust. The last thing you want, on top of your furnace not heating, is a load of anxiety over the person you’re letting into your house. Talk to friends or neighbors and ask them about the quality of work of a contractor. Also, look for positive testimonials that can easily be verified.

3. Find contractors that are Diamond Certified

Diamond-Certified contractors are undeniably the best people to fix or replace your furnace. Diamond Certification means they passed a rigorous 12-step rating process, received a majority of positive reviews from a genuine random sample survey of their previous customers, and scored above 90 on a 100 scale for Quality and Helpful Expertise. This certification is the most reputable and trustworthy Seal of Approval you could ask for. If a contractor has it, you can guarantee your experience with them will be excellent.

4. Ask for a license

A license serves as proof that your contractor is a legitimate professional. Be wary if they can’t provide you one. Under no circumstances should you allow an unlicensed contractor to work on your furnace. If something goes wrong, the company can just take your money and run.

5. Only choose insured contractors

If an uninsured contractor’s employee gets hurt on your property, you will be the one responsible for the medical expenses. That’s a whole different load to deal with on top of your furnace not working. Reputable contractors know that it’s standard operating procedure to give clients copies of their general liability and workers compensation insurance.

6. Ask for the contractor’s credentials

If you are having a furnace removed, it’s essential to do thorough research to see which contractors specialize in the brand or model that you have. A skilled contractor will be the one to guide you through the entire process of maintaining your unit, so find one who really knows what they are talking about.

7. Check the contractor’s grooming

The look of a person tells a lot about the company they represent. Legitimate companies give their employees uniforms and require moderate levels of grooming to ensure a professional approach to all clients. On the flip side, fly-by-nighters will likely come to your doorstep with dirty tee shirts and jeans.

The installment, maintenance, repair, and eventual replacement of your HVAC system can cost you a large sum of money. Follow the tips above to make the right choice and maybe even save more money and time in the process.

Never hesitate to ask for necessary paperwork including insurance, bond, license, permits, as well as professional certificates. Even if your furnace or general HVAC contractor is recommended by a close family or friend, you deserve to know whether or not they’re qualified.

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