7 Clear Signs You Need A Furnace Repair

Home temperatures generally dictate the comfort of our living conditions. Real estate owners are expected to maintain their HVAC system for continuous optimum productivity in their business establishments and, of course, optimal comfort in their homes. As such, it’s important that you maintain every part of your heating systems. That includes furnace repair.

The problem is that furnaces aren’t exactly prone to regular issues, like with plumbing systems and pipes—which is why homeowners get so complacent. Furnaces are, however, highly susceptible to neglect. To help you save your furnace from complete obsolescence, here are 7 warning signs that indicate you need to get your furnace checked.

Your Furnace is Almost 15 Years Old

Like every other machine, your furnace experiences wear and tear—especially with age and without maintenance. Furnaces will normally live up to 16 to 20 years, given due upkeep. In spite of this, you should still get your furnace checked earlier once it passes the tenth year mark, as they’re bound to have at least one minor or major issue.

A good rule of thumb is to watch for furnace repair costs. If repairing your old unit will cost you 50% or more than what it would typically cost to repair a newer unit, it’s better to scrap the furnace entirely and buy a newer model. To cut down on such costs, get into the habit of having your furnace refurbished annually i.e. get it checked up, clean it up, replace the filters, and check for potential issues.

Your Heating Bills are Through the Roof

HVAC issues usually manifest through your bills. While it’s normal to get slight discrepancies, a sudden spike in the amount—without just cause—usually means your system’s in need of repair. An aged or broken furnace won’t be as efficient as a new one; hence, the increased consumption with the same heating routines.

When faced with such a case, your best choice is to call for HVAC technicians to get your unit checked. When they’ve diagnosed the problem, you may then opt for repair or purchase of a new one depending on the issue. Consistent bill increases is a clear sign to call in professionals.

Your Furnace is Emitting Unusual Noises

Furnace MaintenanceHave you been hearing strange noises—rattling, banging, humming, popping, or scraping—coming from your furnace? If yes, it’s definitely time to contact your HVAC contractors. Unusual sounds coming from your unit means something is amiss, which would need professional intervention.

Normally, these sounds mean that one or multiple parts of your furnace—like its motor, fan, or duct work —is either in distress or broken. Is your blower switching on and off by itself? Is your fan emitting loud noises instead of its usual electrical hum? If yes, consult with a professional immediately to avoid the excessive heating bills from a broken unit.

You’re Seeing Yellow Flame Instead of Blue

Make it a habit to regularly check your furnace’s flame. A working furnace usually produces a blue flame; a yellow flame, on the other hand, is a warning sign for possible carbon monoxide leak in your home. If you see a yellow flame, call in your local HVAC tech to promptly check your unit.

One other indication that your furnace may be emitting carbon monoxide is if you and your family or workmates constantly feel nauseated or are experiencing burning sensations around the nose and eyes. Recurring headaches or general disorientation can also be considered indicators. Also watch for extra rust on your flue or vent pipes, traces of soot around your furnace, or a lack of draft in your upper chimney—these are also signs of carbon monoxide circulation.

Err on the side of caution and call HVAC professionals immediately.

Your Thermostat is Malfunctioning

Your thermostat is vital in regulating your heating system. It controls your HVAC which, in turn, dictates the temperature in your place. Electrical issues like problems with circuit breakers or loose wiring generally cause your thermostat to malfunction. It’s best to get professional help as these are technical and dangerous work to just do yourself.

You’re Constantly Suffering from Allergies

A functioning furnace should help clean and moisturize the air in your home or office. When your furnace breaks, it causes dust to accumulate in the air and general dryness to spread inside the premise. If your nose, throat, and skin are feeling extra parched and dusty, your furnace could be malfunctioning.

You Haven’t had Your Furnace Maintained for More than a Year

As a major part of your heating system, your furnace must be maintained once a year at least. Others actually have their filters changed monthly to optimize the use of their furnace. Although this sounds like a troublesome job, it’s necessary—and can save you from future grief. You should be able to avail of monthly schedules for your local HVAC experts to complete the filter change or schedule annual visits.

Scheduling regular furnace repair is a must for your comfort and safety. It’s easy to lose touch with your Diamond Certified HVAC professionals due to your hectic schedule, but thanks to today’s technology, servicing is a call or click away. Be a smart real estate owner and save money where and when you can.

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