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Being a homeowner is an expensive investment. All these little things add up, so you probably want to make sure you aren’t paying more than you should for your AC tune up. After all, no one wants to overpay for services. Although, bear in mind that the lowest estimate is not necessarily the best. In fact, it might cost you in the long run if you hire a company that doesn’t take pride in their work.

Consider this list of 6 factors that affect AC tune up costs…

Scope of Maintenance

Ac Tune Up

It’s important to carefully review AC maintenance contracts before signing anything. If a quote appears too good to be true, the company might not be performing a comprehensive AC check-up. They may only be out to replace the filter and inspect the belts. So, make sure you pay for a complete preventative program that includes things like cover coils, valves, the pilot light and motor, ducts or pipes, and the electrical system.

Preventative Versus Repair Service

Similarly, when you hire a technician for an AC tune up, it can sometimes be disguised as an inspection instead of a maintenance call, making the cost much cheaper. Inspection is more of a prevention service, and it’s simpler than repairing a broken unit. When you decide to make preventative appointments, the cost is reduced because the service doesn’t entail extra labor or materials. These appointments are still useful, though, because they help you avoid the need for emergency repairs, and cut down on the tune up cost for your AC unit.

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Complexity and Size of the Unit

A technician needs to examine a system before he or she can determine the cost of AC maintenance services. Homes differ in size and installation. When it comes to large businesses, some have many units that need service, meaning the expected cost will be greater. Residential units are relatively simple, whereas commercial systems may include numerous compressors, as well as sophisticated electrical connections. Larger and complex systems require more labor, plus increased expenses for materials.

Type of Equipment

Another factor that affects AC maintenance costs is the design of the equipment. If it is a self-contained unit that’s easy to access, it won’t take the technician as much time or effort to reach the components to examine them. Accessibility is a driving factor in cost.

Age and Condition of the Equipment

Tune Up For An Old Ac

It’s generally more expensive to maintain older units, as well as to repair them. This is because they require a lot of attention and more replacement parts. So, if your unit is getting on in years, consider the costs that come with extra services, not to mention the increased energy demands. Overall, new systems tend to be more effective.

Distance and Service Area

The distance between your home and the company’s location affects transportation fees. If it’s far away, expect the price to increase, especially if the project is large and requires several trips. The best and most obvious solution is to select a local AC repair service near you.

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When you need an HVAC service, shop around for a good deal, but avoid the temptation of sacrificing quality work for cheaper services, and make sure you understand the contract before signing anything.

Speaking of quality work, trust the right professionals only. At Shepherd’s, we deliver quality work, whether it has to do with AC installation or maintenance. For more info, let’s talk at (650) 861-4995.

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