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5 Reasons You Should Invest In An Earthquake Shutoff Valve Right Now

Earthquake shut-off valves, also referred to as seismic valves, work by regulating the flow of gas in case an earthquake happens. Companies offering plumbing services will often install them onto your meter directly.

These valves work with the help of motion sensor technology that detects seismic movements and automatically turns off gas flowing into your property. Because the valves work instantly, homeowners have far less to worry about once an earthquake happens in their area.

Gas leaks are typically undetectable and shutoff valves can give you peace of mind that your home remains safe even after a catastrophic event. That said, what else can you expect if you invest in a seismic valve?

Benefits of Investing in an Earthquake Shutoff Valve

1. Eliminates Room for Human Error

Shutoff valves reduce the possibility of human error or neglect. Earthquakes can be frightening events, which may cause homeowners to lose their composure and forget about turning off the gas lines. By getting an earthquake shutoff valve installed in your natural gas line, you’ll have fewer worries once a stressful occurrence like an earthquake happens.

2. Keeps Gas from Entering Your Living Space

Most new housing construction projects require emergency shutoff valves to be installed. If something is required (i.e. certain plumbing services), it’s certainly for a good reason. Besides making sure no gas escapes in the event of an earthquake, these valves also control the flow of your natural gas and keep it from entering your living space.

Also, without a shutoff valve, you will need to turn off your gas manually during an earthquake–which can be dangerous. You run the risk of leaks developing, creating a more serious threat to you and your property.

3. Unintrusive

Another great thing about earthquake shutoff valves is they are highly unintrusive. This means you would never notice them until they start doing their job.

If the valves ever do get activated without seismic activity, it’s a sign that you need to schedule plumbing services and have them checked by a professional. The same plumber who checks your valve problem can reactivate both excess flow and seismic shutoff valves, so they will be ready to work again in case an earthquake happens.

4. Protects Your Home from Earthquake-related Gas Leaks

Earthquake shutoff valves keep your home safe from earthquake-related gas leaks, as well as the fires they produce. Once the earthquake stops, you just need to reset the valve after checking if the gas lines are not damaged. If you see any significant damage on the valve, ensure that gas does not go into your home until a plumber fixes them.

5. Save Money in Earthquake Insurance

For those who live in areas that are more prone to earthquakes, it is important to have earthquake insurance to protect your home. Most insurance providers will be happy to see shutoff devices installed because they work well in saving lives and properties. Ask your insurance broker about the amount of savings you can expect from installing an earthquake shutoff valve in your home.

Schedule Plumbing Services to Get Your Own Shutoff Valve

An earthquake shutoff valve is one of the best investments you could ever make for your home. Aside from being affordable, the device can be installed quickly. Given that, don’t hesitate to call plumbing services and learn more about how an earthquake shutoff valve can benefit you and your property.

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