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Problems concerning drains, fixtures, and pipes usually present themselves as strange sounds and smells. Learning how to detect them early on helps you prevent the consequence of having to deal with serious plumbing noises in your home.

Many homeowners don’t realize the importance of regular maintenance until something goes wrong with their plumbing. Aside from causing inconvenience, these problems can add to your expenses – something you’d obviously want to avoid.

One of the first things you should do once you see that something’s wrong with your system is to call for plumbing services. But when should you call? Don’t think twice before picking up the phone if you hear any of the following strange sounds coming from your plumbing system.

1. Humming

There are many potential causes of humming sounds coming from pipes. However, this is typically an indication that a motor is running but not pumping water.

If you hear this noise in your bathroom, it might be due to abnormally high water pressure, or that you need to change a washer in either your shower or faucet head. This sound coming from the toilet means that you’re likely dealing with a faulty valve – which needs a replacement right away. As soon as you hear humming from your system, call for plumbing services.

2. Rattling

Rattling sounds in any equipment usually means there is a loose component. Although it’s easy to fix smaller parts, loose piping is a major issue that should be assessed by a licensed plumber.

The rattling or banging noise that you hear is often called “water hammer,” and occurs when there’s a blocked vent pipe. A vent typically dispels the vacuum created by water traveling through your pipes, and said vent can be seen poking out of plumbing fixtures. If that vent gets clogged, it can’t dispel the vacuum, and that causes the rattling or hammering sound.

3. Whistling

Do you hear a high-pitched noise coming from the pipes? The culprit might be trapped debris. It can let low pressure and air enter the system, which means you’ll need plumbing services to get rid of any grime.

On the other hand, if you hear the whistling noise coming from a showerhead, that points to a mineral build-up. Fortunately, this can be remedied by using a soft cloth to wipe the showerhead with white vinegar.

4. Gurgling

Gurgling sounds means your drain is clogged. There are blockages that are easy to get rid of, but in serious cases, you’ll need help from professionals. A clog that is deep in your system will require the expertise and tools of a trained plumber. If you happen to hear the gurgling when you flush, it might be an issue with your sewer line.

Taking the DIY route or hiring an uncertified plumber might be cheaper, but the whole thing could end with you paying a much higher price for repairs. When dealing with any kind of plumbing issue, it’s always best to consult a licensed professional. They will be able to properly assess your case and provide the best plumbing services for your system.

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